Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Adventures in Nannywood!!

So yesterday I felt exactly like Alexander.  You know the Alexander with the NO GOOD, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD DAY??? Yea, we I might as well have been him.  Let me just start at the beginning. 

So yesterday morning started off a little bit harder than most work mornings.  Unfortunately, due to a recent accident (post to come) Caleb has not been sleeping.  I mean not at all.  In fact he has spent the last few nights sleeping on top of my husband all while crying throughout the night.  So yesterday morning both hubby and I were EXHAUSTED, to say the least.  I unfortunately had to pull my big self up at the butt crack of dawn, and awaken my now sleeping baby to head to the wonderful world of nannywood (note the sarcasm).   Once there I was actually able to get the baby I nanny down for a nap (which is generally impossible), and Caleb and I enjoyed some snuggles on the couch.  When both babies were up and ready for lunch I realized that Caleb's booster seat that he eats his lunch out of was still in my car from our Thanksgiving break.  I decided to run out and get it and then start their lunch. 

I placed the little girl in the jumparoo, and placed Caleb in the floor with some toys and propped the baby gate up. I did not lock the baby gate because their gate is ghetto and does not work.  Fortunately Caleb has not realized this yet.  Anyway I grab my keys and run out into a rain storm to the end of the driveway to grab Caleb's seat out of the car.  This is the seat in case anyone is confused...
I then proceed to step in a puddle and think "GREAT now the bottom of my pants is going to be soaked the rest of the day!"  Little did I know that was the least of my worries.  I run up to the door, open the glass door, and proceed to open the front door when I realize "OMG IT LOCKED BEHIND ME!!".  First of all let me just note that I never locked this door, nor do I even remember shutting it.  Apparently it is a magic door that just always automatically locks when it is closed.  So here I am outside, holding Caleb's seat, in a rainstorm, and I can not get into the house where two babies are all alone!!! IMAGINE MY EMOTIONS AT THAT MOMENT!!! MY BABY WAS INSIDE ALONE!!! I immediately start panicking and trying to open every window in the house.  None will open past an inch due to a burglary safe mechanism.  ONCE AGAIN I PANIC!!!

I then decide to run around the house and try all the doors, and windows in the back.  All the doors were locked and none of the windows would open.  I frantically ran around the house screaming and crying in a rainstorm, hoping and praying that I would see someone who could help me.  Oh did I mention that I left my phone inside!! YEP.  So here I am no phone, no key, in the rain, 28 weeks pregnant, with 2 babies inside alone.  My mind immediately went the the broken baby gate...

"OMG what if Caleb pushes it down and crawls into the living room"
"OMG the basement door is open for the cat and he could fall down the stairs to his death". 

At that moment my mind was made up! I was getting into this house one way or another.  I ran to the neighbors garden, grabbed a rock, went down to the basement entrance, and threw the rock through the window. 

 I was then able to open the door and run in. 

I was drenched from head to toe as I ran up the stairs to check on the babies.  The little girl was just bouncing away, and Caleb was sitting on the floor playing with toys.  Both smiled at me, and their innocence melted my heart.  Once I saw they were okay my mind immediately went to the broken window.  I was thinking "OMG I just broke a window in my bosses house!".  I was freaking out so I immediately called my very handy contractor husband and our conversation started like this

"Babe I have an emergency".  (Note this was probably not the best thing to say since I am pregnant, and he thought I was going into pre term labor).  Needless to say after I explained what had happened to him, and he made fun of me a bit he said he would come over that afternoon and fix it. 

When I called my boss she assured me she would have done the same thing and not to worry about it.  So, needless to say that was not a great event in my day. 

Yesterday I also, banged my knee so hard on a table edge that I thought I was going to die.  (Did I mention I have a knee phobia).  I then spilled my one coke (my only source of caffeine for the day) all over their carpet, and I had to sit in soaking wet clothes for the rest of the day. A few more things happened that I do not feel like mentioning. 

Needless to say it was a no good horrible very bad day and you might as well call me Alexander. 



Brit said...

omg that is horrible girl! I'm so sorry!

mrslaurenclark said...

Oh Sarah! I'm lifting you in prayer! I hope today is better!

Amelia said...

OMG! I would have spazzed!!!!

Ms. J said...

Oh my goodness!! Hate those kind of days! I would have been freaking out too!! Glad everyone was safe!

Jessica said...

I am sending you a virtual momma hug!! Hope your week gets better!!