Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our New Winter Hangout

Today Caleb and I joined our mama group and headed to a fabulous place in our area for children.  Totter Otterville.  Let me just tell you  it was amazing!! It is a full building of fun filled with various themed rooms, and outdoor play area, and a food court. There was a veterinary room, a construction room, story time room, puppet, house etc etc.  Today Caleb was able to play various roles in each room that he visited. 

He was a construction worker

However, he unfortunately pushed in the house that was built. I have to admit I almost died when he knocked this huge house over.  I thought that it was unbreakable.  However, the other mamas around assured me that it happened all the time, and that my child was not the only one to ever destroy it.  Needless to say building it back was beyond my level of expertise, so this is how it was left. 
He was a homemaker, a grocery store shopper/clerk, and a daddy who pushed his baby in a stroller in this room.  We spent a lot of time here, and he played house with his future wife Madi. 
However, my favorite room was the one in which I know dada is not going to be to happy about.  The ballerina room.  There was a TV playing a ballerina video, mirrors everywhere, and the tutus!! AHH I died.  Caleb had to of course dress the part, and check himself out in the mirror (he is a little vain of the pretty baby in the mirror).  It was all in good fun, and don't worry his sister will be here soon enough, and I will stop dressing him like this :).  Well, maybe.  I think he actually enjoyed it...shhh..don't tell dada.

It was such an amazing morning, and my little man who has refused naps for the past week is sleeping away as we speak.  I loved this place!!

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