Sunday, November 7, 2010

This Time Change Made me Crazy

I have always loved the time of year when you "fall back".  I mean it is so much greater than "springing forward" and losing that extra hour of sleep.  Sure the fact that it gets early at 6 pm is weird, but I love that extra hour of sleep in the morning.  Well, that is until I realized that a babies time does not change.

Caleb generally wakes up around 8:30 on the weekends. However, this morning following right on schedule he woke up at the new 7:30 am.  I tried to get him to come back to bed with me and sleep a lil longer, but he ended up just flopping around in our bed and keeping us awake.  Since it was Sunday morning and we were planning to go to church we went ahead and got up after about an hour of being kicked by our little 15 month old.  We went about our normal Sunday routine.  Breakfast, getting ready for church, leaving for church etc.  However, on the way to church we realized that a certain said mister was turning into Satan in the flesh.  Suddenly it dawned on is 10:30, or "11:30" before time change which equals NAP TIME.  We knew that was probably going to be an issue but we kept our fingers crossed as we headed into church.

We headed straight to the nursery and went in to drop Caleb off.  As soon as his feet hit the nursery floor he started screaming.  This is very unlike him because he loves the nursery.  I consoled him for a minute and then walked out.  I went to the comfort room which has a window to the nursery in it in which the babies can not see you.  While in there I witnessed him throwing the tantrum to beat all tantrums.  I mean kicking, screaming, throwing himself on the floor.  The poor nursery volunteer looked like she had a gun held to her head.  I decided right then and there to relieve her and just take him with me into the service.  Oddly enough he did great during the service. In fact we did not have to take him out once, but as soon as we hit the car he was OUT!

After lunch, while Caleb was sleeping I had an overwhelming nesting urge. I mean to the point that I had hubby up with me scrubbing our kitchen baseboards with a toothbrush.  Poor man. I kept apologizing to him and explaining that my hormones were going crazy and that I did not know how to explain it. I mean I know there are worst things in life than a dirty house, but my pregnancy hormones beg to differ. I mean I can not keep this house clean enough, and the fact that I have a toddler running around does not help with my OCD. 

Needless to say this time change has had a huge effect both on Caleb's schedule and my hormones. 

Now pictures that have nothing to do with this post :)


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Ashlee McCrary said...

Oh poor thing! Hopefully he'll adjust soon. This time change can be hard on little ones!