Monday, November 22, 2010

Shutterfly 50 Free Holiday Cards

Who doesn't love Christmas cards?  I mean it is the one time of year when the mailbox is filled with something other than bills or junk.  It is just so exciting to rush to the box each day to see what cards will be there to greet you.  I know personally since getting married I have made it a ritual to send Holiday Cards each year, and that is something that I plan to continue until I'm 90. this year is offering an amazing deal that has buzzing through the blog world.  50 free holiday cards for bloggers.  I am a sucker for a good deal, and you can't beat FREE.  I am so excited about this oppurtunity, and I just had to do a post about all the great things that has to offer. 

This was our very first Christmas Card as a married couple.  We used, and we were so happy with the way it turned out.  It is so cute to look back on our little family of three.  Wow funny how two Christmas's later we have already added one dog, one baby and we have another baby on the way!! Geeze. 

This year I plan on incorporating various pictures of Caleb and our family.  I mean it is so hard for a mama to pick just one pic of their sweet precious to share with friends and family everywhere.  I have big plans for incorporating miss Mckinlee as well, but we will see if my plans work out. 

Lucky for us has many Christmas cards with tons of space for pictures of our sweet babies.  Here are just a few that I have my eye on.

Don't you just love them?? I know a cute little boy who has the best face every to fill these up as well!! His name may just be Caleb.  Ahh I am so excited to get into the Holiday spirit, and share my little man with my friends and family. 

If you like what you see you should hop on over to shutterfly and start picking out your 2010 Christmas cards as well.  Trust me you will be glad you did. 


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Andy's said...

We used to love Shutterfly and the thought of 50 free cards is cool. But, we've been using Send Out Cards for a year now and are actually MAKING money by sending cards through them and helping others send cards through them (and making money themselves).

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I'm happy to give you and your readers a couple of free Send Out Cards to send out as an early holiday gift to you all.

Just go to to send out a card or two on me.

Happy Holidays!!!