Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Day In The Life

Brit and Abby both did some great posts about their ordinary lives.  Today I feel as though that would be a good subject to write about because we are feeling very ordinary these days. 

A Day In Our Lives:
  • I may be sitting at work watching the clock tick by wishing the day would hurry and end.
  • I just might have forgotten both wipes and extra diapers this morning on my rush out of the house.  Caleb might have already pooped 3 times today, and gone through the 2 diapers that I had for him.  I just squeezed his big o booty in a size 3 Pampers and I am praying it holds.
  • Our life may be filled with sleep training on the job these days.  I have never had to deal with a baby who was used to only be rocked and held while sleeping, and that may just not work for us.  I mean after all Mckinlee will be here sooner than later, and we have to learn some independence.  Naps without being held generally result in crying and about 10 minutes of sleeping. Ughhh to say the least.
  • I may love that in my ordinary life my child is a great sleeper, and I firmly thank both Baby Wise and the crying it out method for that!
  • My day has been filled with trying to teach a little one to enjoy tummy time, and learn to roll over, all while keeping my toddler from laying on her.
  • My ordinary life is filled with the realization that Mckinlee is going to be here soon!!
  • A  day in our life is trying to figure out what in the world to buy for Christmas, who all we are buying for and how we are going to budget for it.
  • My mind daily thinks about how we really should have been saving for Christmas all year.
  • In my ordinary life I am in sweats 90% of the time and my child runs around in pjs.  I mean after all, why get dressed up when you are dealing with snot and poop all day?
  • I may just be super excited that today begins the weekend for me this week!! Hallelujah!!
  • I may not have any cute pictures because I am using the computer at work, and all of my pictures on on my computer at home.


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Abby said...

Love your ordinary post :)

And we need to see some updated belly shots!!!