Friday, November 12, 2010

It Happened

Ever since Caleb has started growing hair I have worried about the hair cut that would make him look like a BIG BOY.  I mean I put off his first haircut for forever, because I was not ready to give up my sweet baby look.  Thankfully, the first haircut did not really make him look that much older.  However, the time came for another big man hair cut last week.  Caleb's hair grows extremely fast and he was sporting a not so classy MULLET.  I mean don't get me wrong my little man could rock it, but I figured for his sake we should go ahead and cut it.

I finally took him to the kiddie hair cutting salon that I had been dreaming about. You know the one where they sit in car chairs, with cartoons on the TV, and toys all around?  Caleb loved it! He did not cry at all throughout the haircut, and he had the best time playing with toys afterwards.

However, this is the haircut that did me in. This is the haircut where they took just a little to much off the bangs area, and turned my Lil bitty baby into a big boy.  I have to admit he looks cute, I prefer the bangs a little longer, but his hair will grow super fast.  However, every day that I look at him now I am reminded about just how fast he is growing up.   Sigh. 



Mama Laughlin said...

Girl! He looks precious!
But I know what you mean, I'm dreading the same thing!
T has curls in the back (that are starting to grow into somewhat of a mullet as well) but I am so nervous about cutting them off...
I don't want him to be a big boy yet!!!!

Lea Liz said...

He still is just adorable and doesn't look like to big of a boy!

I know EXACTLY what you mean though.. I still have not got Brody his 1st hair cut because I don't want him to look like a big boy!!!

I think it's how we will always be with our babies!!!