Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wish Me Luck

So, I think I have made it well known on this blog that I am beyond a non-crafty person.  I can not cut a straight line, or even draw one with a ruler.  When I try to paint the paint always drips, I can not tie a pretty bow, and God forbid if you saw the mess I made of Caleb's baby book.  However, this holiday season I have an itch in my tail to try to be (hold your breath) CRAFTY!!

I am determined to make Caleb some cute inexpensive Holiday wear.  I mean I love looking through etsy and seeing all the adorable outfits for little boys for the holidays but I refuse to pay anywhere near what they are asking for something that he will wear once or twice.  Call me cheap, I prefer frugal.  However, I am in listing the help of my "sewing expert" family members over Thanksgiving break, and I am determined to learn how to make a few cute things on my own. 

How do you ask?? Well I have discovered the wonderful world of the iron on/stitch appliques on etsy.  That is right the adorable little Santa face that is attached to that 30 dollar pair of longalls can be bought separate.  In fact most can be purchased for as little as 2.50.  BARGAIN!!! I am planning on purchasing about 4-5 appliques, taking them with me on Thanksgiving break, and in listing the help of my family to stitch those babies on some plain shirts for Caleb.  I am so excited. I hope that I can learn a few things about sewing, for once be a crafty success, and have some adorable non-expensive looks for my little man. 

Here are just a few of the ones I have my eye on...

Cute right?? All of them can be custom ordered to your preference and I am so hoping they turn out the way I plan.  The only question now is where to buy plain long sleeve shirts to put them on without breaking the bank.  Any crafty mamas out there know a good place?

Grammy and Aunt Libby get ready.  We have some sewing to do, and I promise it will be better than my Sophomore Geometry sewing disaster that Aunt Lib had to basically re do for me :).  At least I hope it will be. 

Also, just because I love a good deal you all have to check out Shutterfly!! They are giving away 50 free holiday cards to bloggers!! All you have to do is post a lil something something about how great their website is.  I have used shutterfly for holiday cards in the past and they were amazing! I also love love love their photo books. In fact I used them for both our guestbook at our wedding and at Caleb's first birthday party!! Go check out shutterfly.com and get your free 50 Holiday cards!!



Ashley said...

I use to order Kaidence lots of applique/monogrammed shirts & I noticed 99% of them are the sirt from Wal-Mart {I cant think of the name & it's nap time so I can't go in her room-ha!}

I have started buying those for when I get appliques put on shirts, I also have found some plain shirts/turtle necks/onesies at Old Navy & Target for cheap!

Hope this helps :) And, I can't wait to see how Caleb's shirts turn out!

Allison said...

Target has some good (and inexpensive) plain shirts that I use to create holiday shirts with. They are Circo brand, and are $4.00 each. From my experience they are of great quality. I hope this helps!

Shay said...

walmart has the granimals shirts, target has circo, and I always find good stuff at goodwill! :)

By the way- I am doing the SAME thing! I have so many blog friends who have adorable etsy clothes on their kiddos but I'm not giving out the cash for that either and I'm getting a sewing machine this week!

Meant to be a mom said...

You make me laugh, I'm sure your more crafty than you give yourself credit for.

I love the iron on's, I used one for Cooper's birthday and it worked like a charm.

Good luck, show us the finished product :)