Wednesday, November 3, 2010

They May Have Sucked Me In

Okay, so I first must admit that I avoid infomercials if at all possible.  They always have some way of making you truly think that there product with change your life in the greatest way.  I have given into the idea that a certain make up will make me look like a hollywood starlett, that oxi clean really will clean everything, and I am not even going to begin discussing my "love" for the steam mop.  However, today while working at my nanny job (yes I got a job and have been here for about 3 weeks now!), the kiddos were sleeping, and I got sucked into "Your Baby Can Read".  I mean like really really sucked in. I mean to the point that I was calling my hubby, and messaging various mama friends about my new obsession.  Thankfully I am not alone in this obsession. 

Here were my first thoughts on this product....
  • Yea right this is a big bowl  of s***
  • This is all made up
  • These babies have just memorized certain words
  • Again this is a bowl of s***
However, as I kept watching I began thinking..
  • OMG this is amazing
  • Yea, the ideas make sense
  • Oh I love the fact that they have different levels.  You start at the 1st level and you do not move up until your child has mastered that.
  • The studies say that these children are more advanced in all levels of education
  • I want my baby to be advanced
  • I need to start teaching Caleb more anyway.
  • Maybe this is the way to go.
  • I could use it at work as well and teach both children at once
  • I want my 18 month old to be able to read
  • I wonder how much it cost?
You see how they roped me.  So, I have to admit I am seriously considering this product for a Christmas present for Caleb (hint hint to any family members out there who are wondering what to get him).  I have even used e-bay to check out prices.  Now my question to you is have you tried it? Does it work, or I am just getting sucked into another promising add? 

I mean could this little guy really go to Infinity and Beyond in the reading/language arts area before he is 2?



Catherine said...

Sarah, I don't know if it WORKS, but my friend's 4month-old has it and he is completely FASCINATED by it. I don't know if he's learning anything (too soon to tell, obviously), but he loves watching it.

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Ok, so I have watched this a million times and even made my husband watch it. I taught k-2 for 5 years before becoming a mom - and they do a great job of making you think this program is going to have your 3 year old reading chapter books and loving it!
I have a couplebof thoughts on this-
1. You can make your own flash cards or buy picture/ word cards and begin this with Caleb now! At the cost of just about nothing(you can find these at the dollar store if you don't want to make them)
2. Kids learn to decode words faster than they comprehend them- so being able to read such stories as charlottes web doesn't mean much if they can't truly comprehend the words they read. This will catch up with children- they are great readers- but when in first grade and reading on a 7 th grade level.... Try finding a book that is on their interest level? I have had students like this.
SO.... Encourage word and letter recognition. Read to Calab often, make stories fun! But don't waste your money on theses promises of an infomercial :)

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't waste my money on it. You can make your own flashcards for much cheaper! Watch this