Monday, November 15, 2010

Sir Nicholas the Jester

Okay, so yesterday our family experienced something in which I honestly thought we never would. The day started out fairly normal, church, nap/lunch, and then we headed out for playtime at the park.  However, this park day was going to be one in which we never could have dreamed...

As we pulled up to our local park we noticed a large crowd over beside some trees. At first we gave them no thought, but upon further investigation staring, we realized that we were witnessing a world all of its own.  In fact we were watching a fake medieval battle.  Yes, you read correctly.  There were seriously teenagers/wanna be teens battling with fake medieval made weapons in our local park.  We died laughing in the car.  I mean was this really for real?? Of course I could not let a moment like this pass us by without documenting it. I mean as I say all the time this was so "Blog Worthy". 

So, I did what any mother would do.  I took my child close to the "battle" scene, and pretended to take pictures of him, all while snapping away at the kings, jesters, and queens behind him. 
 Notice I only managed to get Caleb's shadow in this one!
 I am to lazy to edit these pictures but look closely at the tree.  There were two girls dressed in medieval wear, purple hair and all, watching their manly men fight to the death!
 I mean seriously how hilarious.  I could not believe we actually got to witness this on a normal Sunday afternoon.  In fact they stayed until we were leaving, and we saw some pretty cool weapons come out.  Including a boy and his make shift bow/arrow boulder that he literally practiced shooting for a good thirty minutes.  As they were packing up and leaving they were all sweating and downing water as if they had just run a 5k marathon. 

Meanwhile my little prince was playing away without any knowledge of the hilarious antics taking place in the field beside us.  Nick and I laughed about what we would do one day if Caleb chose to participate in something like this.  We both agreed that we probably wouldn't be able to help but laugh at him.  Lets hope he doesn't want to so we don't have to destroy his heart by being the parents that laugh at him. 

Oh well, for now he is just an adorable little prince who lets his mama take wonderful pictures of him at the park.  I mean he was so into looking right at me, giving me his profile for every picture that I snapped.  Oh yes, and I know the hat looks ridiculous.  We still have to find the perfect winter hat, and this little one dollar Wal Mart gem is not it. 

 Daddy was clearly not into giving me a good picture either.  I think he was to distracted by the games taking place in front of him.  He specifically placed him self on the swing so he could watch.  I dared him to go join in the fun and introduce himself as Sir Nicholas the Jester. 


Momma B. said...

This is hilarious! The sad thing is if we were there Neil would have been playing too! lol

Mama Laughlin said...

Oh my gosh, that is like a scene right out of the movie Role Models!!!!
If you haven't seen it... RENT IT!!! HILARIOUS!!!!

I'm so glad you took pictures of that, I probably would have peed my pants had I seen that!

And no, I won't be letting T participate in such events either! ahhahaha!!!