Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Off to get Bigger and Bigger

Can I just start this post by stating that I am super super excited about so many things this week.  I am excited that today is my last day working this week, I am excited that I get to spend a whole weekend with my family and hubby, I am excited to travel home, and I am so so so excited about Thanksgiving.  I mean you all do not even understand the goodness that awaits me deep in the hills of the Appalachians.  I am honored to eat dinner at the home of probably the best cook in the entire world.  I mean seriously.  Just the mention of some of my aunts dishes makes your mouth water for weeks.  I am not even going to start on how excited I am about her dressing and the glorious Roles! Don't even get me started on her roles. It is my goal in life to master them. I did help her make them last Christmas, and I wrote down the recipe, but I have yet to try to make them on my own.  Also, I am oh so excited about the cranberry salad and pumpkin rolls that I have been craving for weeks now!! YUM!!!!I have always loved Thanksgiving, but I think I love it even more this year because I am preggo.  I have every excuse in the world to indulge myself in the goodness over and over and over again, and the best part is I will not even have to unbutton my jeans because I will be wearing maternity ones.  I may gain more weight on Thursday than I did with Caleb's entire pregnancy, but I am ohh so excited.

Update on Bundle: 
  • We are at 27 weeks!! Ahh! I can not even believe that we are only one week away from the third trimester.  Seriously?? Time is flying!
  • I had my glucose test last weekend (post with pics on that to come at some point).  So far no news is good news, and I am hoping that I do not have to repeat that.  It was just as nasty if not more nasty than last time.
  • Last check I had gained 11 pounds
  • She is already kicking my ribs and moves all over the place all of the time.
  • If you ask Caleb where his baby sister is he will pull my shirt up and kiss my belly.  He will then proceed to pat my belly (sometimes a little to hard).
  • I am starting to get more of the pregnancy pains.  My skin under my ribs hurts, if I eat to much I feel stuffed up to my throat, I am having trouble getting comfortable while sleeping.  Ughh.  Only 13 more weeks right?
  • I am still wearing normal shirts but I am loving the maternity jeans!
  • We are going to have a 3D ultrasound performed within the next week or two, and I can not wait to see if she looks like Caleb. 
  • I still have not decided on her bedding, or bought any clothing. The only thing she has to wear as of now is hand me downs and a few things that my aunt and grandmother picked up.   I have to admit I am excited to start shopping for her though.
  • I can not even believe that I am going to have another baby in less than 3 months!
  • I will post belly pics as soon as we get a functioning computer. 


Amelia said...

Ahhhh!! I cannot wait to meet her! She is going to be so beautiful!

Momma B. said...

I cannot believe that you are only 3 months away from having ANOTHER baby! AHHHH! It's still so crazy to me! But, I can't wait to meet her and see you Caleb and Nick! We miss you lots!