Monday, June 1, 2009

10...9...8...7...6........Birth Day

I am starting my countdown from 10. 10 weeks that is. Caleb, Nick and I are now at 30 weeks. I can not believe it. I remember it seemed as though 30 weeks were a million years away when I first found out that we were expecting. However, here we are, and I know that the next 10 weeks are ones to be cherished. The next 10 weeks are both exciting, scary, do not seem like much/seem like a lot etc. I am so anxious to see my little baby boy in life, hold him, kiss him, and have him grab my finger. I can not believe it is actually only 10 weeks away.
Caleb has muscled up this week, and his kicks are beginning to hurt. He has been kicking me in the ribs, grinding what feels like an elbow or knee into my stomach, and fluttering all over. His kicks to this point were so cute and sweet, but now he has some muscle behind him and there have been a few that have taken my breath away. He is a strong little booger :). I am so thankful for his painful kicks however, because it assures me that he is safe and healthy.

This week he is about the size of his sister Bella about 4 months into her life. She was 1 lb when we first brought her home and about 3 lbs at 4 months (she is so stinking cute). I was excited when the what to expect website compared baby to a yorkie :). His fat is developing, his eyes are completely open when he is awake, and he is shedding the white fur that has been covering him to this point. He is so big :). OMG I am so excited to meet him.
I thought I would include some pictures of me at 30 weeks. It is funny because my belly is still hidden in certain outfits that I wear (at least from the front). My work uniform used to completely hide my belly and just in the last couple of weeks co workers have commented that they can tell my belly has grown a little. Today I had a baggy T-shirt on and I swear it was hard to tell from the front. The side however, is a whole other story.
This picture is just thrown in because I found it and it made me laugh. Look how tiny she was :).

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It does go by slowly doesn't it? Love the brown dress!