Monday, June 22, 2009

The Scare is Over

I had posted previously that at my last visit the doctor was concerned about baby Caleb's and I's growth. She was predicting (aka by pressing on my stomach) that baby Caleb was measuring 3 WEEKS behind. Talk about freaking a momma to be out. So after worrying for two weeks about my baby and making sure that I ate at every moment in order to try to pack on pounds Nick and I headed for our ultrasound this morning. The ultrasound began and measurements were taken and baby Caleb is measuring at 32 weeks 5 days. I am 33 weeks 1 day..which makes a grand total of 4 days difference. Not 3 WEEKS. The ultrasound tech looked at Nick and I and said "I don't know where the baby was hiding a couple weeks ago when doctor ***** took your measurments, but he sure isn't as tiny and she predicted". AKA she had no idea what she was talking about because she did not even use a measuring tape like all the other doctors in the group that I am going to. We have our official visit with another doctor tomorrow morning to verify that everything is okay, but I feel reassured that Caleb is growing fine. Now I never want to see that certain doctor who made me worry for no reason again, and I am soo worried that she will be the doctor on call when I actually go into labor. I will freak because I do not trust her at all. I am going to speak to the other doctors and see what can be done to assure that she is not the one delivering my sweet baby. Caleb is estimated to be about 4 1/2 pounds, and he was so bunched up in my belly. However, my amniotic fluid is measuring perfectly, and everything appears fine.

In other news I have been having pains in the lower part of my stomach. They have been occuring for the past couple of days now. A sharp shooting pain. I am wondering if these are Braxton Hicks. Has anyone had something similar happen to them? I am going to ask the doctor about it tomorrow.

I also pre-registered Nick and I for a birthing class. I almost forgot to sign up for one, until I found a pamphlet about it the other day when we were organizing more of the nursery. Nick and I are registered for a 5 week class from July 1-29.

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The Dimino's said...

Hi! I saw that you follow my blog!! I know you are so excited about Caleb's upcoming arrival!! Sonograms are really accurate on the due date and pretty accurate on the weight (+ or - 10%). I will be checking back to see that precious baby!!