Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Past Week

Wednesday June 3rd was the day that my little sister Kat graduated from high school *tear*. I still can not believe that she is all grown up. My sters and I did not go to the same high school due to the fact that my dad stepmom and sisters lived in a different town. However, I have always been very close to my family, and I spend time with my sisters anytime I get a chance. Her graduation was great, and afterward we went to dinner. She decked out her cap.
This past weekend my grandma also threw me a baby shower in my hometown. It was not a huge affair, but mostly included family, and it was at my grandmothers house. I made the menu because I do not really enjoy typical shower foods. We had sandwiches, fruit trays, veggies, cake, banana pudding, and amazing fruit dip. I think I ate all day long. Caleb receieved a lot of clothes, his crib, his dresser, two bouncy seats, movies, wipes etc. It was a great time. I am going to include some pictures of my friend Blair and I at my shower. She was one day shy of 29 weeks and I was one day shy of 31 weeks. I really feel as though our babies are going to come super close together. My nieces took turns bringing me the gifts to open. My sister Randi had fun taking emabarrasing photos o f me opening gifts. There are some hilarious ones, but I did not want to post those.

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