Monday, June 29, 2009

A Special Birthday

This year has definetely been a rollar coaster ride for my cousin Matt. Matt is my first cousin who was involved in a really bad car accident on Christmas Day, and who has been recovering ever since. It is amazing to see how far he has come considering the doctors told his parents the day of his accident that they believed his scans showed that he was brain dead. Thank heavens my uncle did not give up on his son, and forced the doctors to try everything they could think of to save his life. They were able to save him and Matt came through with flying colors in many aspects. He is able to remember up to September/October of last year, can still spell (well he was never really good at that), move his left side, eat, say a few words etc. He is still in rehabilitation at Shepherds Hospital in Atlanta. Recentely he has been able to travel, and they have been going somewhere at least every other weekend. He has even been able to go swimming, boating, and jet skiing at his grandparents lake house in Tennessee. After all of the happenings of the past year we were all so grateful to have Matt with us to celebrate his 24th birthday on Saturday. On Christmas day none of us were sure if Matt would ever celebrate another birthday, and I can honestely say I have never been so scared. Matt has always been more like my brother, and I can not imagine not having him around. On Saturday his mom brought him back to HIS house in Lexington for the first time since the accident, to celebrate with HIS friends. It was so bittersweet for all involved. Matt kept spelling out "It's good to be home" on his spell board, and we were all grateful to have him there. We spent the day eating delicious Aunt Libby food (I think I had 9 roles), playing rook, hanging out, and finishing the night with fireworks (well what fireworks you can legally shoot in Lexington). Every birthday Matt had when we were little would end with a big firework show. We would all be sitting around in our bathing suits from the water fight we had just finished, and then watch a firework show. It was so great to have those memories and to have Matt sitting there with us. I have included pictures or Matt and I, Matt's brothers and I, and all of us with Grammy. Matt was wearing a pin that someone had brough him that said "I've survived Damn near everything" haha. Please continue to pray for his recovery.

Here are some specific pray request

Pray for movement to improve in his right side. He will not be able to walk on his own until his right legs movement improvents.

Pray for his vocal cords to strengthen so he can further communicate. He can say a few simple words and sounds right now, but his throat muscles were damaged and have to regain strength.

Pray for him emotionally. I know that it has to be tough to be completely mentally there, but to not be able to do things you once did. I know it gets frustrating for him, and that breaks my heart.

Pray for his mom, dad, and brothers. His mommy has not left his side for one day since the accident, and her entire world is taking care of Matt right now. Pray for them all in this valley of life.

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