Monday, June 29, 2009

Why A Baby Needs a Mommy

"Hubby if it were not for me what would you put in the nursery?"
"A crib"

This was a recent conversation that I had with my hubby the other day. Guys are so funny when it comes to all of this baby stuff. They just do not have the desire to go all out and nest/decorate an ellaborate nursery that the little baby will never remember. However, to a mommy a pretty nursery is a must, and that is why baby's need mommies :).
This past week has actually kept me busy. I was worried that with no work I would be bored and the weeks would just tick by. However, my grandmother came into town and we began the glorious task or decorating/organizing the nursery. The first three days of her visit were spent washing all of his clothes, blankets, towels, socks, bibs, hats, booties etc. That took forever!!! We then had to organize them by size and style of course, hang them up, put them in drawers etc. We then moved onto shopping. I had ideas of things I wanted for the nursery. Some ideas we changed a little when we found other things we liked, and some ideas I actually made myself (with grammy's help of course). One thing you need to understand is that momma Sarah is NOT a crafty person. However, I did recycle an old picture frame, and paint it myself, and I am happy with how it turned out. I told my grandmother about ideas I had for the nursery and she helped to make them a reality. In fact she is still working on some items at home that she will bring back on her next visit. Hubster and I spent a lot of time last night hanging different wall art/curtains. Well he hung and I gave moral support. I will include a few glimpses into the nursery. However, the finished product will not be completed for a few more weeks. I still have one more baby shower, and I have the perfect spot in the nursery for the glider (I hope I get). My grandmother is also on the hunt for my round table that I want to place beside of the glider, and she is making the wall art for the wall that the glider will be on. I still need to get a few lamps, a diaper pad, a basket to place diapers in, and a few more little details that I will grab as I go along. I was so excited to add on to his book collection with the book "I love you forever". Grammy bought it for him, and she was crying as we read it haha. She is bringing a huge box of my childhood books back with her when she comes in town again. I am so excited to read to my little Caleb (only 6 more weeks..fingers crossed). My grandmother also made the curtains and I loved how they came out. I made the picture frame containing his ultrasound pictures, and it is being hung above the dresser.
I am hoping that along with the few big items we still need that I recieve a lot of the neccesary items as well at my next shower. This baby needs diapers. We have not bought a single pack yet, and that is scaring me. We also do not have a bottle or binky to speak of. If he were to come today I would feel so unprepared.


Lea Liz said...

His room is sooo cute!! It turned out great!! I love his big closet and looks like you have so much stuff!! I love the bedding and the Child of God Picture!!

I loved that book "Love you Forever" when I was little and I was actaully out the other day and tried finding it for my little boy.. guess Im goanna have to get online and get it!

Sarah and Nick said...

thanks girl. we still have some finishing touches to add, but it is coming together great. We found the book at Barnes and Noble.

Ashlee McCrary said...

Hi! I just saw you had visited our blog & wanted to check yours out too! Thanks for being a fan! I love baby Caleb's nursery! Blue & brown are my fav colors for a boy nursery! Best of luck with the remainder of your pregnancy!