Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our New Home

This past week/weekend Nick and I moved into a new a place. We had gone back and forth trying to decide whether to rent a house or an apartment. A house seemed like the better option so Sydney would have room to run, but we never could find one that we felt comfortable with. However, we found brand new apartments that were avaliable to immediately move into, and that is the move we decided to take. We are holding off on buying a house for a few years, simply because we do not know where careers will take us for sure. It is so exciting to finally be in the home that we will bring Caleb into. However, moving as always is overwhelming. I did not participate in any heavy lifting (or lifting at all) during this move, but organizing the clutter is another story. Nick and I have spent two full days going through clutter, organizing, and throwing out/donating to charity things that we no longer want. However, we are still not finished. Pray for us as we continue this process. I am so excited to have everything else in the apartment organized so we can finally start putting Caleb's room together. The first couple of pictures are ones that we took in Caleb's room. Sorry about my appearance, but I was not getting fixed up for moving day. I can not wait to have my little baby in here. So far our closet is the only organized room in the new apartment. We are getting there slowly but surely. I will be sure to post pictures of the finished product.

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