Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Working Hard for the Money

Up until this point of my pregnancy I have been working a decent amount every week. I worked for a preschool until 25 weeks, and I was scheduled Monday-Friday. I then began working at a restaurant, and have been working at least three days a week ever since. I like to work. It gives me something to do while my hubby is working, and it allows me to socialize/makes the days go by faster. However, as noted before momma Sarah has not been gaining the recommended amount of pregnancy weight. I went for my 33 week checkup this morning, and even though baby Caleb's ultrasound looked good my weight gain did not. I had gained 4 pounds but that took a lot of effort on my part. I have been making sure that I take in extra calories daily, drinking milkshakes, eating when I am not hungry etc. However, I have still been working and burning off calories as fast as I put them on. Therefore, the doctor gave me the cut from working this morning. She said that even though I had gained 4 pounds, and that the baby's ultrasound looked fine I was still measuring only 31 centimeters, and it was time to pack on the pounds. So, after I left the appointment I stopped by work and let them know that I was cut off, and now I am sitting at home with no reason to rush to get anything accomplished. That is a weird feeling because I am so used to having a job or something to do. For the first time in a long time I have absolutely no responsibility except to take care of my baby, gain weight, care for my dogs, spend time with my hubby, sleep in if I want, not get ready if I don't want to, lay by the pool, and take in my last few weeks of me time before Caleb comes into the world. Though hubby and I were planning on me working for few more weeks, and it is a little scary financially to go from two incomes to one, I know that it will be okay. I mean after all Caleb is who we are thinking of now, and we both want him to enter into the world safe, healthy, and strong. Keep us in your prayers as we learn how to budget on one income. Any advice on how to stay entertained when you have absolutely no responsibilities?

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