Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spoiled Rotten

Todays blog is devoted to my two girls Bella and Sydney. In previous posts I have mentioned our lovely doggies, and I must tell you that they are SPOILED. Bella has always been Queen since the first day we brought her home. Sydney is attached to her daddy's hip, and loves everything outdoors. However, both of these spoiled babies share the bed with my hubby and I. Since pregnancy has recentely been interfering with my sleep we have added a body pillow to the bed as well. However, momma Sarah gets very little use from this because it is usually being occupied by one of the three other occupants of the bed. Syd usually snuggles with her daddy, and Bella lays with her head on my pillow with me. Nick and I often joke about how we do not even get to touch eachother while laying in bed. We feel as though there is a wall between us. A wall of pillows and fur that is. Here are some pictures to show you just how spoiled they are. However, we love them. I wonder what my bed will look like once Caleb is here?

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Shelby said...

So funny! I have two dogs as well. We got them the first year we were married. I can't wait to see how you adjust with your new baby! I wonder if they'll have to find a new place to sleep? :)