Thursday, May 21, 2009

One Piece Swimsuits are Hott Right??

The moment has arrived. It is officially summer time which means pool days are ahead. Today in fact Nick and I had our first pool day with a friend from Northern Kentucky. At 20 weeks I attempted to pull off a bikini while in Florida. As predicted I began showing that week. However, now at 28 weeks I would not dream of slipping one of my tiny bikinis on and strutting my pregnant bod to the pool. I mean I know people wear worse things who are bigger than me, but I do not want to put them through the agony of looking at my preggo belly if they do not have to. I mean especially with the outie belly button and the scar tissue popping out (GROSS). I had put off venturing to the store and actually purchasing appropriate swim attire because I felt as though I would loose what little sex appeal I had left. However, this morning I ventured to Old Navy with the intention to buy a tankini before heading to the pool. When I arrived at the store I was at a loss. They had so many cute bikinis that I would have purchased if I was going to be my normal, skinny self this summer. However, I forced my eye past them and began looking for tankinis. I could not find anything. They were all so boring. I also grabbed a few *cough cough* one pieces, and headed to the dressing room. I am soo silly because I honestely thought a small would fit me in a one piece, and that a medium would fit me in a tankini top. Not the case. Apparantely 12 extra pounds does a lot to your body. So I stepped out of the dressing room and headed to grab mediums in all the one pieces and a large in the tankini top. I walked back into the dressing room, and to my horror mediums fit just right and there was no room for growth, and the large tankini top did not cover my belly button. I just could not bring myself to give into an XL or maybe XXL for the tankini top. Therefore my only choice was to buy a one piece. I stood and stared at the mirror for a few minutes, and tried to call my hubby to see what he would say about a one piece purchase. Poor guy I want him to feel as though he has a kind of attractive wife at the pool, and I didn't want him to look at me as though I was wearing a skirted grandma bathing suit. He did not answer though, and since the swim suit was only 12 dollars I gave in and bought it. I gave my hubby a fashion show when he arrived home, and even put on stelettos to make it "more sexy". He smiled and said it was hott, but I know we both would have preferred a bikini. The worst part was my huge preggo boobs did not even appear big in this one piece wonder. Bikinis have a way of showing off what you've got but not thie beauty. Anyway I ventured to the pool in my hott mom attire, surrounded by skinny, bikini, college girl bodies. All the time wishing I could look as hott as a Vicky Secrets model sporting a one piece. Oh well little Caleb is worth it, but Nick and I have both decided that our next child will be planned and that I will not be a preggo mommy in the summer. I will be keeping my eye out for hotter picks, and will hopefully come up with some tankinis that will not require a size XL to cover little Caleb.

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