Sunday, May 17, 2009

Milkshakes, Apple Pie, Banana Splits, Roles etc etc etc

We arrived home from out visit in Pikeville today, and it was such a wonderful visit with family. I was able to spend time with my daddy, and sister yesturday as well as my grammy, aunt, uncle, cousins and of course MATT. It was soo good to have Matt home, even though it is not permanent as of yet. He is doing so well. I have to say that the boy loves to eat though. I think he ate more yesterday than what I would eat in three days. Thats okay though because he was on vacation. His grandmother Lockhart made Christmas Dinner (his wreck occured on the way to Christmas dinner), and Matt opened his Christmas gifts after dinner. It was funny because it was all winter clothing. The food was soo yummy, and he enjoyed every bite.
Aunt Libby asked me to feed him quite a few times. I fed him apple pie, a large milkshake, some of his dinner, and another apple pie later last night. She also taught me how to fix his milk (mixed with ice and blended). It was a good time to just sit and talk with him. He uses a board with letters to communicate. It was soo sweet at one time because I told him his pie was making me hungry. He grabbed his message board and spelled out "You have a baby, eat cake". He then would not let me finish feeding him until I fed myself. It was a sweet moment. He was also the same old Matt though because he was beating up on his younger brother. We got him close enough to Will to pull out his leg hairs, and stomp his feet. It was funny.
My nickname in the hospital when Matt first had the accident was "fatty". Everyone had just found out I was pregnant a few weeks before, and they were all joking about how I was going to get fat. I have always been the smallest person in my family. Yesterday they all called me fatty, and they actually decided that for me I was really fat. I asked Matt if he thought I was fat and he shook his head no at first, and then started smiling and shook his head yes. They are all super excited for little Caleb to come though, and through all the jokes they agreed that I looked pretty good for a 28 week pregnant girl.
It was hard to say good bye yesterday however, soon enough they will be back. 7 weeks is what he has left at Shephards as of now. If he starts showing a lot more progression then he will stay longer. He should be back home before Caleb arrives though, and I promised him that I would bring Caleb to meet him as quick as I can.

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