Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Baby Brain is Kicking In

Thus far in my pregnancy I have made jokes about how I feel like I am stupid. I will forget silly things, or say stuff that does not make sense. However, yesturday at my 28 week appointment the baby brain really kicked in. I arrived at my appointment and waited to be called back. After I was called back they weighed me and I had gained 3 more pounds (12 pounds total this far). Then they asked me to go to the restroom and leave a urine sample like usual, but this time I did something really really stupid. I went into the restroom, sat down on the toilet and began urinating. Only to realize mid pee that I forgot the plastic cup. I immediately tried to hold my pee in and grab a cup but it was to late. I sat there trying and trying to pee just a little more, but there was no success. I then had to think what to tell the nurse. I was to embarrased to tell the truth, so I just told her I could not go yet, and asked if I could leave the sample at the end of the appointment!! How embarassing/hilarious/stupid. The rest of the appointment went well, and baby Caleb measured right on track for 28 weeks. Oh how I have to love the baby brain!!

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