Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's a Great Day to Be Alive

Today was an absolutely wonderful day. It started off with a healthy visit to the doctor (story to come later), my hubby PASSED HIS TEST (one step closer), we got to see our beautiful little boy, and we hung out with some friends. I just have to say that the 4D ultrasound is the best invention thus far. There is no way to explain how amazing it is to look at our little babies face before he actually arrives. When we first began the ultrasound I was unsure if it was going to work because his face was smooshed up against me. However, the technician had me roll onto my left side, and it was a perfect view of our little boy from then on. It was so cute because he literally showed us every part of his body. I would say "awe I want to see his little hands and fingers", then in the next few seconds he would hold up his hands. Same with his feet and ears. It is also a definite that he is a boy. No denying. We even got to see his little butt wrinkles. How cute. The technician was so excited about his pictures, and asked that we for sure send newborn pictures for her to compare. All in all the trip to Lexington was a great time. Though I did end up getting sick towards the end for no reason, and Nick had to pull over the car on the side of the road. Did anybody have a lot of nausea in their third trimester? I am hoping it was just a freak event. However, no amount of sickness could bring me down from the high of seeing my little boy. Also, I am soo pround of my hubby, and I truly thank God for this wonderful day. We have decided that Caleb is a perfect mix of the two of us. After careful examination of the pictures we have decided that he has Nick's nose and mouth (hopefully eyes) as predicted. His toes looks just like Nick's as well. Also, he unfortunately has my forehead. He also appears to have my cheeks and chin.

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