Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco De Mayo

How yummy does this look??? I have to admit that throughout my entire pregnancy I have craved a frozen strawberry margarita. There is nothing better than lounging my a pool on a hot summers day with a nice frozen margarita in your hand. Many people have suggested that I give into a virgin one, but I have been instructed by various bartenders that it would not taste the same. Therefore, as I sit here on this cinco de mayo 2009 my mouth is watering for a margarita and a nice mexican dinner. Mexican is a possibility, but I guess I will have to wait 96 (hopefully) more days to indulge myself in my ultimate craving. By no means am I am alcoholic in any way, but I just love the flavor. Nick and I have joked about him having one ready for me when I arrive home from the hospital. However, I know I will have to get the breast pumping thing down first and have some back up milk for baby Caleb. I don't know if he would find the ingrediants of a margarita as tasty as I do. Nick is trying to plan something for tonight. We always go to Mexican on Cinco De Mayo, and I can not wait to pig out. However, I do not know what we will do afterwards. Hopefully hang out with some friends and catch up.

I have to admit that the days are starting to tick by now. Last month we had something planned every weekend, and therefore the weeks went by rather quickly. However, this month our main plan is to save money, and therefore we have no trips planned, or anything to look forward to. June I know will be filled with baby showers for my pregnant friends and myself, my little sisters high school graduation *tear*, and a big move. Therefore my plan for July is to maybe work a few days a week, lay on a float in the middle of a pool like a beached whale, and decorate our new house/apartment (don't know which yet). I am mostly excited about beginning the decorations for Calebs room. It seems so far away, and I am so excited to make my visions a reality, put away his little clothes, organize all of his presents, and prepare for my baby. Therefore, I am asking any mommies out there what they did when they got to this point in their pregnancy to pass time. We need to be money conscious, so no big trips or expensive outings, but just little ideas. Please let me know if you have any suggestions so the time will pass by, and I will be ready to Caleb to be in my arms.

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