Friday, May 15, 2009


I have to tell you that I am soo excited about this weekend. It is going to be crazy busy but such a blessing at the same time. Tonight I have to work at 4, and as soon as I get off Nick, Bella, Sydney and I are jumping in the car and heading for Pikeville. MATT IS IN TOWN TO VISIT FOR THE WEEKEND!! He is actually in Kentucky, at home, and not 9 hours away at Shepards. He is doing so well, and this is just one more step towards full recovery. It is going to be such a blessing to have all of our family together once again. I honestly did not know if we would ever see such a day again when I first receieved the news on Christmas Day. All I can say is GOD IS GOOD!! He has worked such a miracle in Matt's life, and in all of the lives of the people who love him. I can not wait to spend some time with my cuz, and pray for some Aunt Libby roles. I have been craving them the entire pregnancy. My aunt is by far the best cook in the entire world. Every holiday she tries to teach me something new, however, I do not know if I will ever be as good as her. It is also hard to concentrate every holiday because Matt is always sitting there staring at me, and waiting for me to mess up so he can make fun of me :). That was actually something that I would have missed if God forbid he wouldn't have recovered. THANK YOU LORD FOR YOU INFINITE BLESSINGS.
Saturday morning we are going to go out and look at some bedding for the nursery, and decide for sure if that is what we want. I also have baby shower planning to do with my grammy. She has to decide on a day before 32 weeks and then I am going to help her make invites online. Poor thing doesn't even know how to turn on a computer. I wish I could spend the entire weekend in Pikeville, but Nick and I both have to work on Sunday. Therefore, we will be traveling early Sunday morning.
4D imaging is booked. Tuesday at 2 at Lexington Fetal Photography. My hubby has his final physical test for the fire department Tuesday morning at 10. He told me that Tuesday after his test would be the best time to go. So I called today, and we are booked! I can't wait to see what little Caleb looks like. I truly believe that he will look just like his daddy!

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