Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Sugar at the Bottom of the Bowl

This week marks 27 weeks, and also one week before the test for gestational diabetes has to be completed. I have to admit that I had put off this not so glorious task as long as I could, and finally gave into the fact that I needed to complete it this week. My hubby and I decided that this morning was the perfect time because he did not have to be into work until later and neither did I. This morning I awoke at 5 am unable to fall back asleep until about 7, and instead of getting up and eating something I just laid there and tossed and turned. BIG MISTAKE. Silly me forgot that I was not allowed to eat 2 hours before having the test completed, and we were planning on going to the hospital around 10 or 10:30. I awoke at 8:30 am to get ready, and therefore that meant no food for pregnant me. Due to the fact that I am so forgetful now with the pregnancy brain and all, we had to first run by my doctors office. This is because I had misplaced the order form from my doctor to have the test completed, and I had to go get a new one before we went to the hosiptal this morning. I used to be so good at keeping up with things, but not anymore. The drive the hospital was so tempting with all the restauraunts that we passed. By this time I was STARVING. I finally arrived at the hospital, got my little orange drink, and the nurse told me to drink it within five minutes and bring it back to her. I stared into the white cup with the orange concoction I had heard so much about and braced myself for the first drink. My cute hubby was sitting there staring and waiting for my first facial expression. Finally I pulled the cup up to my lips and began to drink. I have to say THIS STUFF IS HORRIBLE. Orange soda my butt, it is more like orange soda with an entire box of sugar poured into it. It truly tasted like the milk at the bottom of a really sugared down bowl of rice crispies. Only, I had no choice but to drink it. I kept telling myself it was only one cup and that I could do it, and cute Nick cheered me along the entire way. He kept saying "Chug it Chug it" like it was some drinking game back in college. I finally looked at him and asked if he wanted to taste it, and then he would understand why I did not want to chug it. The drink might be okay if you really like sugar and sweets, however, I do not, and this drink was almost to much for me to handle. What happened to the days where they would give you a snickers bar to eat before this test?? Anyway, I finally finished the concoction, and the nurse tolded me to wait one hour and then we could have the blood test done. This is not my idea of an ideal morning.....don't eat or drink, drink pure sugar, and then lets top it off and have someone jab a needle into your vein!! FUN!! Nick and I did think ahead though, and brought Monopoly Deal cards to play while we were waiting. We are obsessed with that game!! Finally the time arrived to go into the back and have my blood drawn. I have always had a phobea of having anything stuck in my veins, and I have to have moral support anytime I have to have blood drawn. My hubby stood there and held my hand while I hid my face in his chest and waited for the nurse to begin. OUCH OUCH OUCH...she kept poking and pulling and asking me to squeeze my fist, and just when I thought it was over, she said "We are going to have to try another needle because that one did not work". WHAT????????????? I thought I was going to break down and cry. Finally she inserts another needle into my poor vein and draws the amount of blood she needs. I was able to breathe, and best of all go eat!! Nick and I went out for lunch and ordered soo much food. The waitress even commented by saying "you all must be hungry today". YES I AM HUNGRY!! I HAVE ONLY FASTED AND THEN DRANK SUGAR, AND HAD BLOOD DRAWN OUT OF MY STARVING BODY. No I did not freak out on the waitress, but that is what was running through my head. However, now the ordeal is over, and I am just waiting to hear the results. No news in good news, and I just pray that I do not have to go through that again, and that there is a new way invented before I have my second baby to test for gestational diabetes.

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