Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rain at 29 Weeks

I hope everyone had an amazing Memorial Day weekend. This weekend for me was filled with working, hanging out with friends before they went to the Reds game (I can not stand to watch baseball), and what was suppose to be a pool day with my hubby. I have to admit that Nick and I went to sleep last night so excited about having a pool day together. I think he was just secretely excited to see me in my hott one piece again :) (YEA RIGHT). Unfortunately when we awoke this morning it was cloudy, cool, and raining. We were soo depressed. Our plans for the perfect memorial day were ruined :(. We did take advantage of the rainy day and cuddled in bed like we used to back in the old days. It is so nice to just lay there and talk without having to be somewhere. Nick cooked us waffles and sausage for breakfast and it was soo yummy. Then we decided to take advantage of the day and do some errands we had kind of put off. We ran to Wal Mart and printed 4D pictures to send to my grandmother (she has no idea how to see them online). We also found a float for me to use in the pool this summer. It is neat because you can roll it up to transfer it while it is still inflated. We had talked about buying an above ground pool for this summer, but the house we are moving into to rent has a slanted back yard. However, we did find a pool to place on the deck. It is a kiddy pool but it will be just big enough for me to place my preggo body in the last few weeks of my pregnancy when I am to fat to venture to our friends pool. I will be sure to post pictures because it will for sure be entertaining and hilarious. After Wally World we ventured to Babies R Us (Where I parked in the expectant mothers parking for the first time). I had not parked there as of yet because I felt like I wasn't showing enough, but with my new bump I took advantage of the close spot. There we finally registered for a glider (Nick's favorite baby item). We had waited until we decided the stain of wood we would be using on the baby furniture. We are using a cherry/espresso color, so we registered for a glider with that stain. We tried to be picky and custom order but the associate told us it would take about 15 weeks to come in. Baby Caleb is due in 11 weeks so that will not work.

We have made it to 29 weeks, and if God forbid Caleb were born this week he would have a 9 out of 10 chance of surviving. That is very comforting. He is about 3 pounds now, and is compared to a loaf of bread. His white fat cells as forming at a more rapid rate, and he has perfected his sucking ability. It is so crazy to me that he will be in 11 weeks!! YAY. My body is totally starting to feel pregnant though. He is kicking like crazy at all hours of the day, he is fluttering all around my belly as I type this. I love it though. My belly is starting to grow more and more, and the little aches and pains of pregnancy are occurring more and more. However, he is worth it. The past few weeks have flown by so I hope that continues. I have a lot to look forward to in the next 10 weeks, and I know August will be here before we know it.


Lea Liz said...

He will be here before you know it!!! Your have such a cute belly!!

Sarah and Nick said...

thanks girl. I know I am getting excited thinking about how soon he will be here