Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hit and Run

On Thursday night my family and I were in a hit and run accident. Thankfully it was not a serious accident, no one was injured and the car was not severely damaged.  However, it was an interesting turn of events to say the least.

After Nick got off work Thursday night we had plans to pick up take out and head to a friends house for a game night.  We loaded the kids in the car and started on our way. We were stopped at a red light at an intersection and Nick and I were just talking and Caleb and Mckinlee were content in the backseat. All of a sudden Nick swerves the car to the right and screams out and then next thing I knew there was a shake and a loud bang.  A man who was turning right had come into our lane and side swiped us. Nick realized immediately that the man was going to keep going and not pull over so he turned our car around and went after the car.  Of course throughout this process he was getting a lecture from me to "Be careful" "call the cops" "our babies are in the car so be careful" "be careful" (you get the picture).  He got behind the car that had hit us and started honking and flashing his lights. The guy driving the car just proceeded to flip us off.  The car turned into a trailer park and we started to follow when we saw blue lights behind us.  We were being pulled over ughh.  Nick reluctantly pulled over while the car that hit us sped away. We were sure that he was just going to pull through the trailer park and back onto the main road and we would loose him...

The cop came to our window and Nick explained to the cop what had happened. The cop then told us to drive through the park looking for the car and he would follow us.  We started looking expecting not to find anything, but to our dismay we found the car, driver mirror hanging off and all, parked in front of a trailer.  The cop went to the door and a lady answered. She said that she did not know who the car belonged to.  She was trying to make us and the cop think that the driver had parked and ran.  However, the cop asked to enter her home, she allowed him, and inside he found the guy hiding. 
Once he found the driver he brought him outside, checked his car, checked him for DUI and drugs, and arrested him for a hit and run.  We just had to give a statement and get a report from the cop for our insurance and after we went on with our night.

Honestly reflecting on the situation I realized how different it could have turned out. Obviously first thought is my babies could have been hurt, but THANK GOD they were not.  The car could have been a lot more damaged than a mirror hanging off and a small dent, and the guy could have avoided going to jail if he would not have acted so irrationally.  I know justice was served, and I am grateful because I truly think the guy was on something.  There was really no other explanation for why he took the turn as wide as he did.  It was a crazy turn of events on a otherwise peaceful Thursday night.

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