Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday FunDay

This week of getting back in the grind of real life has been a little rough.  With each day it has gotten a little better, but still a little blah.  I decided yesterday that I wanted to do something fun, and out of the house with the kiddos today, so we ventured once again to Otterville. I swear this establishment is a life saver during these long winter months (even though today was unusually gorgeous for January). 

Mornings when I know we are leaving the house are a little different than normal.  I am a mama that thrives on a schedule and in turn so do my children. However, on mornings when we are venturing out our schedule is a little more than hectic.  I make sure that both E and Mckinlee have a clean diaper and are dressed, and then I put them both down for their morning nap 30 minutes early.  I do this so they will be ready, but inevitably one always ends up pooping and I have to take time to change them before we leave.  While they are napping I rush to get myself fed, ready, bags packed and Caleb dressed.  Once all that is complete we are ready to head out. 

The boys were so excited about going to Otterville this morning. They kept talking about the choo choo's all the way there.  Once we arrived they had a blast. Train tables first, grocery store second, back to train tables, face painting, vet room etc.  They had so much fun. Caleb also decided he needed to pee potty and so I took 3 kids into public restroom by myself, only for my 2 year old to decide he no longer needed to pee potty :).  I had 3 wonderful kids for our lunch break, and Caleb even helped me drag the highchairs over.  After lunch it was ball pit and play land time and all 3 kids had a blast. I do not know what I am going to do with this 11 MONTH OLD girly...she thinks she is big stuff.  She loved climbing through the play place and she definitely kept me on my toes. She even got to enjoy the ball pit for a few minutes with Caleb and E when no other kids were in there. 

I do not shoe favoritism to my daughter even though there are more pictures of her. This little flash of lightening will not hold still for a second, and this is literally the best shot of him I got.

I used to think I would never be able to make it out of the house with 2 kids, and now I look back on that and think pshh that was a piece of cake :).  I just hope people out in public do not think that all 3 kids belong to me :). 

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The Morrows said...

I love the mirror pics. She is adorable!