Monday, January 9, 2012

Camping in January

Warning: Ignore picture quality. They were taken with my phone in bad lighting.

I got a little idea late Thursday night for our Friday night adventure.  All mama's with young kids realize how different weekends are now.  We generally spend at least one weekend night at home, and I like to have fun activities for those nights as much as possible.  I decided it would be great fun to "camp" in our living room that night.

I spent the entire day Friday telling Caleb that we were going to camp in a tent tonight. He of course has never seen or been in a tent, so this did not mean much to him.  My sister ran to the store that day, and she picked us up things for smores, and when dada got home our camping adventure began. 

Nick and I had purchased a 6 man tent right after we got married, and we have not used it yet. I do not think I realized how big it would be. It literally took up our entire living room.  Caleb was so excited, and he kept calling it his house. 

He loved kicking balls around it before we placed the air mattress inside. Mckinlee and Caleb both loved crawling through the tunnel, and around and around the bed.  Mckinlee loved her "11 month od style smore", but Caleb hated his. He spit the marshmallow back into the bag. Who doesn't like marshmallows? He did however, love the chocolate and kept asking for "more choc please". 

We did not end up sleeping in the tent, but it sure was a fun Friday activity.

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