Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Final Post of Christmas

After opening presents at home on Christmas morning we headed to Nick's parents house for breakfast and more gifts. Once we arrived we realized that we had forgotten our gifts at home, so I volunteered to run back and get them.  We then ate a yummy breakfast and opened gifts. Caleb and Mckinlee were once again beyond spoiled, and the rest of us enjoyed exchanging gifts White Elephant style.

We relaxed for most of the day after gifts and just watched movies and played games. We then ate Christmas dinner and packed up to head home. 

That night we celebrated at our home with my dad and sisters. My dad bought Caleb a 25 ft train set, and to say he was in heaven is an understatement! He LOVES it.  We spent most of our time watching him play with his train and laughing. 

 This is Mckinlee's twin by the way. They are identical as babies...yea we are screwed when she is a teenager!

Christmas was so great this year.  It was a great 3rd Christmas with Caleb and a great 1st with Mckinlee. 


Meant to be a mom said...

It sounds like you guys had a good Christmas with the kids and your family. I love the jammies the kids wore. Too cute.

The Rogers Family said...

Caleb's Christmas pj's remind me of monkey man's striped ones from Christmas time! And Mckinlee's little outfit is adorable! I love following your blog and seeing pics of your kiddos! They are precious!