Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back in the Grind

Today was the first day back to reality since the new year began.  Nick was back to work, and the little boy I nanny returned today after a 3 week break.  I was anticipating a little chaos today, a little trouble getting back into the groove, and my anticipation was correct.  The day has not been anything too chaotic, but it has been an adjustment.  I had to adjust my morning schedule back to "work" time, and that was a little rough. My beautiful, wonderful children have been sleeping until 9 am over Christmas break, and I have become a little spoiled by that.  Waking up at 8 am this morning was a little rough, and I greeted my employer with runny under eye make up,  nappy hair, and a non showered body.  I am sure that she was just thrilled to leave her child with the walking zombie that was myself :). 

My children both slept in until 9 again this morning, 9:30 for Caleb. I actually checked on him because I thought he was not breathing or someone had kidnapped him (I'm not overly paranoid I promise).  He was contently sleeping away.  However, when he awoke he had peed the bed, and I had a huge mess to clean up. I knew I would kick myself for not placing another diaper on him after his 3 am "pee potty" incident.  I guess I thought he would be good until morning. I was wrong.  So, I gave Caleb a bath with a 10 month old and a one year old "helping" from outside the tub.  I then got him dressed, fed, and I stripped and disinfected his bed, washed his bedding, made his bed, and finally breathed a sigh of relief for that task being complete.  The little ones were put down for a nap, I had some breakfast and cuddled with my little man.  He was wiping away my kisses and laughing so I only kissed him about a billion times.  Melt my heart. I was then greeted with the most awful poopy diaper from E known to man. I was literally gagging, and praying to God to help me through that one. I do not think my house will ever smell normal again.

Caleb has had a bit of a hard adjustment "sharing" his new toys.  He is usually great with sharing, but in his defense he has had 3 weeks of not having to share with anyone other than Mckinlee, and she is not hard to distract away from his "toy of interest".  I may have thrown too much at him with E being back at the house and Pres girl coming to visit.  He was just a little overwhelmed and cranky today, and I think I heard "MINE" a million more times that I would have liked.  However, once given some lunch and his beloved binky he was a happy camper for the rest of Pres's visit, and the kids played great until it was time for their nap (which was an hour 1/2 later than normal).

It was an interesting morning getting back in the grind.  Dirty diapers, wet beds, tantrums, fights over toys, snuggles and all.  A day in our normal life is not always exciting, picture perfect, or happy, but I am so grateful for the days I have with my little ones...even the not so pleasant ones. 


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