Tuesday, January 17, 2012


This past weekend was great! I had Friday off work and there was a little snow on the ground, so I took advantage of having a fun day with the kids.  While Mckinlee was napping I brought bowls of snow in for Caleb to play with.  He enjoyed scooping the snow from one bowl to another, and he also enjoyed eating it. I kept telling him it was gross, but he ignored me...I can't say I blame him because snow does taste good.  After a little while playing inside with the snow was not enough for little man, so we ventured outside. It was freezing, but he had so much fun.  Once Mckinlee woke up I quickly dressed the kids and we headed to Otterville for a fun day.

Saturday Caleb and Nick played in the snow together for a long time.  Caleb was in heaven. 

Sunday we ventured to Ikea, and we spent the entire day there.  We went looking for Caleb a big boy bed, and we found one.  Until now Caleb has had the cutest little car bed, but I have ideas for how his big boy room will be decorated and they do not include a car bed. Also, we currently do not have a guest room, so I wanted to get a bed that could be used for guests as well.  We initially went looking for a twin bed, but we found a full bed at an amazing price.  We brought it home, and Nick and his dad put it together. Caleb was so excited about it! He kept saying "My bed" "Pa and dada build my bed". He loved jumping in it, and rolling all around.  I love it because I no longer have to be squeezed into a toddler bed in the middle of the night when he needs extra cuddles.

Today has been kind of blah. Little miss is sick. She started running a high fever yesterday, and has been super sleepy. I took her to the doctor today, and they tested her for everything, but nothing came back.  So, she was diagnosed with a viral infection ugh. I never want my kids to be sick, but I hate hearing it is viral because there is nothing you can do for it.  If the fever is still here on Thursday we have to return to the doctor, and have her cathed to check for a UTI. I sure hope my baby is feeling better before then.  She did gain a whole pound though! YAY! She is 16.8 lbs now...I would say give or take a few ounces because I did not strip her down to her diaper. 

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