Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Mckinlee...My Prayer for You

My sweet baby girl you are on the edge of turning one, and I am so taken back by how fast you are changing.  You have grown in the blink of an eye, and I find myself longing for the growth to stop.  However, I am also torn because I am so excited to see the person you will one day become.  I have big dreams for your life sweet baby. I pray BIG for you and your brother, and I am so excited to see the person that God makes you.  I long to hold you in my arms, and kiss and snuggle you forever, but I know that one day soon you will grow up and become an amazing woman that I will be proud to call mine.

I pray daily for you sweet baby.
I pray that God will bless you with health, safety and a long life. I pray that you will one day be a little old woman sitting in a rocking chair, proud and happy of the life that she lived.
I pray that all serious sickness will not become a part of your life or a part of anyone you loves life.  I pray that if it does that God will carry you through it, and that you will always depend on him.
I pray that you grow up with confidence and a kind heart.  I pray that you never feel anyone is better than you, and that you are always happy with the person that God created you to be.
I pray that you are kind, slow to anger, and quick to listen.  I pray that you access situations before you allow your anger to get the best of you. 
I pray that you have compassion for people. I pray that you will never become a bully or a child that makes fun of others. Your words are powerful things sweet baby, and they should never be used to hurt another. 
I pray that you will come to know God at an early age
I pray that you count your blessings on a daily basis.  I pray that you understand that even though there may be things that you want but do not have, that God has blessed you with more than you could ever need.  Always remember your blessings during those hard days of life.
I pray that you have strength through your first heartache.  It will hurt and it will hurt bad, but as the Brad Paisley song says "pain like that is fast and its rare".  I will be there to talk if you need me, I will be there for you to cry on, and I will be there to listen even if you need to repeat the same thing 100 times to me just to help you process what happened.  Always remember that your Prince Charming will one day come. 
When the heartache comes turn to God.  God teaches us the most when we are broken.  His word is powerful when you are searching for comfort. The words that you need to hear are always right there.
I pray that you love and that you love hard.  Allow yourself to get lost in that amazing feeling. Allow your self to experience the butterflies, the dances in the snow, the long talks, and the first kisses that come with your first love and all the loves after that.
I pray that even though you love hard you realize that you are a prize meant to be won over by the best Prince Charming.  You are a special special person, and you deserve to be loved, treated like a Princess, listened to, romanced, and honored. You deserve a man who will rush home to see you just because he loves you that much. You deserve a man who wants to play games, help you cook, rub your back, take you on dates, cuddle you on the couch, take care of you, fight for you, pray with you, and a man who will go out of his way to tell you that you are beautiful.  You deserve the world, and don't ever forget that. Never settle sweet baby.  Make a list of what you want in a man and stick to it.  You deserve a man of integrity, compassion, love, and of God. 
I pray that in your search for Prince Charming you honor your body. It is not yours to give away to anybody and everybody.  It is special, it is meant to be loved forever.
I pray that you will drive safely when you first get your license. I pray that God will protect you and all your passengers and will put angels around your car.
I pray that when you graduate high school that you have a direction of where you want your life to go. If you want to go to college that's great. If you want to travel the world first I will support you. Dream big and live out those dreams.
I pray that you never give into drugs and alcohol in a way that will damage your life. I pray that you have a wise mind, and understand that you can do way more without them than with them.
I pray that when you find your husband that you will have a happy, romantic marriage. 
I pray that you will one day experience motherhood, and all the beauty that it holds.  I pray for those babies that you will one day rock. I pray safety for your pregnancies, and that you never have to experience the pain of loosing a child. 
I pray that you and your husband will love God, and that you will bring your children up in his ways.
I pray that whatever obstacles in life fall in your lap that you will . He is there to hold you, he is there to love you, and he is there to help you through.
I pray that one day when I am gone you will remember these words. I pray that you will understand that I want nothing but the best for your life.  I pray big for you.  I want you to always know that I love God, I believe he is real, and I want you to know him as well. 

I love you more than life my sweet baby girl.  I am so thankful that during this moment in time you are mine to hold, and I am so excited to see the woman you will one day become.  I am your mother now, then and forever, and my love for you will never cease. 


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