Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm in Denial....but it is Time to Plan

So, my baby girl will be a year old in a MONTH!! I am hanging onto the fact that she is still 10 months until tomorrow because that makes me feel as though she is still little. However, all of us second time moms know how fast the 11th month zooms by, and quite frankly I am in a little denial.  It literally does not seem possible that we are here already, but we are and it is time to start planning her big first bday party.  The party that is actually one month from YESTERDAY!! eeekkk. There is no turning back now because the invites have already been mailed.

I am a huge birthday lover.  I LOVE to plan, execute and participate in over the top parties.  I especially love to plan them for my little ones. I know that they have no idea how much effort, time, and thought I put into their parties. I know they would be happy with just a cardboard box, a cupcake and one on one time, but I love to make their big days extra special.  I mean after all it is a huge celebration.  I mean their birthdays signify the day that our lives changed for the better, and the day in which the loves of my life entered the world.  That is a cause for celebration for any mama. 

I have been tossing ideas for Mckinlee's first birthday back and forth, and I have debated various themes and ideas.  However, I have narrowed it down to one idea, and I am super excited to execute it.  We are going to do a "shabby chic"ish first birthday. I say ish, because unlike Caleb's 2 birthday celebrations this one is not completely themed, but I have drawn tons of inspiration from other shabby chic events. 

I had her birthday outfit custom made through a seller on etsy. I basically took 3 different designs that she had in her shop and combined them. She was a great seller to work with, and her turn around time was 2-3 days. The outfit is already on its way, and I am so excited to receive it. She is priced very reasonably, and I would highly recommend her.

This was my first inspiration.  I loved the strawberries and cream color, but I thought Mckinlee might get a little chilly in February.

At first I was just going to add lace leg warmers, but then I discovered this little beauty. 

I contacted the seller to see if she could make it in the 2 tone colors like the first picture and she said yes.  I also had her add straps so it will not be a hassle pulling it up as she is passed around at the party. 

I am also going to add the pearls and hopefully a big bow, but my daughter is still on strike over the bows. During the smash cake she will just have pearls and a diaper on (too cute).

I am still in a debate within my own head of how to decorate the front entrance. I have loved how both front entrances turned out at Caleb's parties, and I want hers to be equally as great.  Here are my 3 choices.Which one do you like best?

I am loving the simplicity of mason jars, lace and baby's breath.  I think simple vases and flowers will be all throughout the party for the decor.

I am in love with both of these cakes. My sister has already researched how to make them and has assured me they will be super simple. I am so excited. 
 Smash cake
 I love the decor under the highchair

I love both of these ideas of displaying pictures from throughout the year. I will also have her 3 big frames from her nursery throughout the party as well. 

I really want to recreate this table. It may just be for gifts because the food will be served along the bar at my in laws house, but I love this look. This was actually my first inspiration for colors and decor.

I have various photos that I want to make sure I get.  Here are a few ideas. Of course there are tons more that must be taken, but I like these photos of Mckinlee before. 

I still have a ton to make, plan, pick up and get ready. Menu has to be planned, food has to be prepared, and the list goes on.  I am not excited about my baby girl turning one at all, but since it has to happen we might as well do it in style!


Brit said...

love it all! Cannot WAIT to see your pictures!

Brit said...

p.s. don't feel bad, I'm planning K's in April already and have ideas in my head for Wyatt!

The Dimino's said...

I feel your pain!! I can't believe that Willa Kate will be one next month too!! I am in full party planning mode!! Brady's and Willa Kate's birthday parties are the same weekend!!!
Everything looks super adorable!! I can't wait to see the outcome!!