Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ups and Downs of Life with a 13-month-old

Wow, to say that Caleb has changed so much the past couple of months would be an understatement.  I mean he has completely transformed before my eyes from a baby to a rowdy, on the go little toddler.  He is more and more a big boy everyday.  This has seriously been my favorite age so far. I mean it is so amazing to see this little person begin to change into a person who understands commands, does silly things, and show their own personality.  However, it does have its up sides and its down sides.

Wonderful things about life with a 13-month-old
  • I love how Caleb understands commands now.  He literally amazes me everyday.  I will ask him to brush his teeth and he will point to his teeth. I will ask him where his head is and he will show me. He will tell me he is one by holding up one finger. Etc etc. The list could go on and on.  I love to see what he learns each day!
  • I love his personality.  He is so cute and will just break out in laughter for no reason.
  • He is so independent. He wants to do everything himself. I am not allowed to feed him, I am not allowed to hold him in a public place, and I am NOT allowed to change his mind for him.
  • I love how when I ask him if he wants to go night nights he walks to his bed.
  • I love how he will randomly walk up and kiss me.
  • I love how "Dada" is the new favorite word.
  • I love how he barks at everything.  You tell him to say hi and he barks haha
  • I love how he points to the correct people in pictures when you ask him who they are.
  • I love how he wants to throw the ball to Sydney all by himself.
  • I love how he feeds himself like a big boy.
  • I love how he points and talks at everything.
  • I love our morning snuggles.
  • I love his excitement when he and Bella play!
  • I love his walk!!! Love it!
  • I love how he looks in his fall clothes.  Such a big boy.
  • I love how he looks in his shoes.
  • I love how he is all boy. He loves his tool sets, his cars, and any type of dirt!
  • I love how he always has a back up binky in his hand, and he knows where we hide them. He will throw them under his bed to hide them and then crawl under to get one.  He will go to the diaper bag and pull them out.  He walks around crying "innnkkk" when he wants one!

I just love love love him (sorry this post is more for my own memories of what Caleb is up to right now)

Things that I do not love
  • TANTRUMS! Need I say more? God forbid I tell the child no.  All h*** breaks loose. I mean he throws himself on the floor, screams, kicks etc.  However, as a mother I am in charge, and I hate that he throws tantrums, especially in public, but either I correct him when he is doing something wrong, or he goes crazy. I mean it is hard right now because I can not really reason with him.  I tell him no, try to distract him, but when he goes back to do the same bad thing, I have to tell him no again. That is when the s*** hits the fan. When he realizes I really mean NO. Oh goodness, if I could count the dirty looks I have gotten from people in public throughout the past month.  Any advice?
  • He hates to shop, or be confined, or stay where I tell him in public. He hates the cart and the stroller. He wants down, he wants to explore. If I don't let him he screams. If I do let him he runs away and tries to break things.  When I keep him from doing that he screams.  I think it is his way of saying that MEN DO NOT LIKE TO SHOP.
  • You can not keep them clean!! I mean I will dress him and in 5 minutes he will be dirty. I feel as though I change him as much as a newborn now.
  • His face is always dirty, and he hates to have his face wiped. In turn is a tantrum!

Oh life is interesting now. My sweet little care free baby who I used to take everywhere now has a mind of his own!! I love that little mind though, even during the tantrums.  However, seriously if you have any advice about what has worked for you I would LOVE to hear it!



Amelia said...

He's so big! I can't believe how much he is growing up!

Strobels said...

Let him throw the tantrum. I have a 2.5 year old who learned very quickly that throwing them would get her NO attention and NOTHING she was screaming for. I just remind her to use her words and go about what im doing. If im shopping I stick her in the cart and buckle. If I am at the gas station I continue pumping. A good scream never caused permanent harm...and it promotes better communication in the long run. Its hard at first to get the stares and ignorant people around...but itll be easier for the both of you in the end.