Friday, September 10, 2010

Bundle's Weekly Update

  • How far along?: 16 weeks  
  • How big is baby?: About the size of my palm 
  • Weight gain?: 1 lb (starting weight 106)
  • Stretch marks?: No just that fat point where you don't look pregnant but you don't look that great either. Ughh.  
  • Maternity clothes?: Just jeans so far.
  • Sleep?: Has been great this week
  • Food cravings?: Greasy, salty, non-healthy foods. Oh with a few strawberries or watermelon thrown in there.  
  • Gender?: Well we all know I am hoping for a girl, but we shall see.  
  • Movement?: Still the same small kicks, still not sure if they are really kicks or not.
  • Belly button?: Turning into a cave.  
  • What I miss?: Wine. Fitting in my skinny jeans.  
  • Labor signs?: No!!! Hopefully not for a LONG time.  
  • What I'm looking forward to?: Finding out if it is a boy or a girl, and feeling consistent movement.  
  • Milestone?: um...scheduling the gender/anatomy ultrasound today!  :)
 (I did not take consistent week by week pics with Caleb, so I do not have a picture of me at this point with him). 


Ms. J said...

I am a little late, but CONGRATS!! You're starting to get a belly and it looks cute! You're pregnant and had a baby 13 months ago and you look FANTASTIC!

Dianne said...

What a great pic!! You look tan!!!!

Lyr said...

You look great mama! Can't wait to hear what he or she is!

Lea Liz said...

You look so cute!!