Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ladies Man

Have I mentioned before that Caleb is surrounded by attractive little ladies all the time? Have I mentioned that he is just the cutest, sweetest, little man around all of them? Have I mentioned that he loves all of them, and they in turn love him?  Have I mentioned that I have arranged his marriage many times in his 13 months of life?  Well, let me introduce you to Caleb's loves. 

First there is Miss Isabel.  Caleb has known her since the womb, and her mama and I have decided that they will more than likely be more like brother and sister and less like boyfriend girlfriend.

Then there is Miss Presley Kate.  How can you resist this cute little face, with the bow to top it off? I have to admit that I fell in love with her from the moment we met her in library class. I mean her little baby chunks were just to adorable to not love.  Caleb loves her too....maybe they will date in the future and make cute blond hair, blue eyed, chunky babies?

Then there is Miss Madison (aka Madi) (aka the future Mrs G) (aka My future daughter in law).  Her mama and I are pretty sure they love eachother. 

 They always give eachother looks like this. 

They also pat eachother, cuddle and kiss. Pretty much a match made in heaven.  Their babies would be pretty gorgeous as well.  Don't you think? :)

No matter what girl he ultimately chooses, I happen to think he is starting out right.  I mean what other little man is surrounded by beauty like this on a regular basis?


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sarahmarie0730 said...

haha...such a little ladies man:)