Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Today...I was THAT Mama

You know the mama I am talking about.  The mama who allows their child to scream uncontrollably in public, to throw things on the floor, and who leaves them in the sink unattended (teen mom) etc.  You know the type of mama that we all secretly turn our nose to and swear we will never be...well, today I was that mama.

It all started when Caleb and I traveled to my OB appointment solo.  Given Caleb is generally a well behaved baby, and I was really not worried about this at all.  I strapped him in the stroller, signed in, sat down, gave him a cereal bar, and waited to be called.  OMG after that cereal bar was finished all hell broke loose in my little 13 month old. 

The battle began over a jar of puffs. He wanted to hold the full jar all by himself and eat, however, I knew that would result in a huge mess so I refused. I offered him a few pieces at a time, and that started a screaming fit.  I quickly handed him his sippy and binky in hopes that one would pacify him.  It did for a minute then the tantrum started again....

I then decided to let him out of the stroller.  Walking around entertained him for a minute, but then he decided to break down on the floor again.  I picked him up, we looked out the window, we looked at a magazine...all is good....

Then I hand him a toy.  He plays, then drops it.  A nice lady picks it up and hands it to him...this in turn starts THE GAME.  You know what game I am talking about.  After about 4 times of him dropping it, I sit him on the floor to pick it up.  He then decides to pick up the toy, scream, and THROW IT AT THE NICE LADY.  I about died when it smacked into her leg.  I quickly appologized, picked him up, took the toy, and told him "That was not nice". Guess what happened then.....TANTRUM in my arms.

Finally they called me back.  At this point I am sure everyone within a 100 miles of me and my sweet precious were praising God that they no longer had to share a room with us.  I was hoping I could breathe a sigh of relief....

Well, I went into the bathroom to provide my urine sample and took Caleb with me.  We all know how akward it is to pee in a cup, but try peeing while trying to push a 13 month olds hands at the same time.  He was literally reaching between my legs mid pee trying to grab the cup.  After I peed I proceeded to wash my hands while kicking my leg in front of the toilet to keep him from putting his hands in the water.....TANTRUM.  How dare I keep his hands clean.

When the took my blood pressure he was calm, and waiting on the doctor he was calm.  I thought the worst was behind us.  I thought wrong.

God forbid we try to hear bundles heart beat.  Caleb was screaming wanting me to pick him up while I sat on the table.  The doctor and I had to listen so close to hear the heartbeat, but all is great with bundle.

As soon as we left the doctor...PERFECT ANGEL.

I guess we all have to be THAT MAMA some days. 



Mandi Miller said...

Oh yes... it happens to all of us. Which is why MOMS just look at you during that time with an understanding/pity look. But women who AREN'T moms look at you with the "shut your kid up already" look. Not fun.
I tend to become "That Mom" when I take my daughter grocery shopping. Once the goldfish run out, all bets are off. We barely get out of there before her head spins all the way around.

Catherine said...

Sarah, the image of him trying to grab the cup "mid-pee" had me rolling on the floor. Hilarious!!!! I'm not a mom, but as a person who works exclusively with young children and their parents, I can SO see this whole episode unfold! I'm sure most of those other women weren't really judging... they were just glad it wasn't happening to them... this time. :)

Catherine Huffman