Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Big Reveal

 So, I have to begin by saying that last night was so much fun. Nothing to big or to fancy, but just a good time spent with friends and family. I had big plans to show the "reveal video" on the blog, but the video turned out being quite awful. I am practically YELLING "CLOSE YOUR EYES", and when it was time for the big reveal Caleb broke down. We had Caleb dress in White, and at the end of the party we took him and changed him into a ____ shirt to tell the sex. I had big dreams of him walking out and clapping. Instead he broke down on the floor crying haha.

Here are a few pics of the party

Team Mckinlee

Team Paxton

Nick's Mama was neutral so we just took a pic of her and her kiddos.  I know they all look exactly alike!  

So, are you ready for the big reveal??? Well, since Caleb did not coroporate last night I had fun today. 
It's A ......

GIRL!!! Can I get a AHHHHH!!!

I am just beyond excited, and I may be partial, but if Mckinlee looks 1/2 as good as her big bro does in a dress then we are in TROUBLE!!!

Everyone is pretty excited!!
Oh, and by the way Debbie, here is the website!! Start working your negotiation magic because Mckinlee NEEDS all of these clothes!!!

Just for giggles I will entertain you with the AWFUL video!! haha



Letherton said...

congrats what a cute idea a reveal party

Catherine said...

Yay for PINK!!!!!

KatieJones said...

Okay first I have to admit that I have been checking your blog pretty much every hour today. I even checked it from BED last night to see if you had posted the reveal yet! I am SO excited that you are going to have your sweet little girl! Congrats mama!

Brit said...

Sarah, If you like Mudpie, then you HAVE to check Economy Drug, Dance World, and Remember Me in Pikeville! Dance World also monograms them!!!!

Amelia said...

HAHA that is the funniest video!! And Caleb is absolutely adorable as a girl!! Nick is in for it when Mckinlee grows up! It seems like all the boys thought it was going to be a boy and all the girls thought it was going to be a girl : )

The Dimino's said...

Congratulations!! How exciting!!

Strobels said...

Girls are amazing... and wonderful! She will be very lucky to have Caleb as her older brother!

Elizabeth Taylor said...

Sarah, congrats girl! So exciting!
If you like mud pie clothing, search for it on eBay, I love their stuff, but it's a little pricey- I have found new stuff for Owen on eBay for half or even a third of the price. Just by searching mud pie. And of course there is a ton more girl stuff on there, so you should check it out!

sarahmarie0730 said...

Woohooo! I was so excited to get on the computer this morning to see what you are having. Congrats! Bring on the pink:) Little girls are so much fun!

Ashlee McCrary said...

Congratulations on having a girl! Daughters are a lot of fun, expensive, but so sweet! Luckily Caleb's there to protect his little sister as they grow up too!