Thursday, September 2, 2010

For the Love of Sand

Have I mentioned that my child is obsessed with sand? I mean absolutely loves the feel of it, the taste of it, and even the way it feels between his crack.  He could literally play in it all day every day and never get bored I would say.  I can't blame him.  There is nothing like the feel of the sand between your toes when you are laying out on a nice sunny beach.

 However, I have to admit that sand makes quite a clean up for this mama.  I have to scrub it out of his hair, out of his eyes, out of his crack/pee pee parts etc etc.   Funny to think that the biggest worry I used to have in regards to sand was it being to hott, or going up my bathing suit bottoms.  Oh how life changes when you become a mama.  A whole new world of things to think about.  I have to admit however, that seeing the joy on my little mans face as he scoops, throws, and eats the sand is well worth the hour long crack scrubbing that I will do later in the day. 

For his birthday his Papaw got him a turtle sand box, and his meemaw got him a sand and water table.  Two whole new worlds of fun.  Caleb will play forever with both of these toys, and he is always a cute little mess afterward.

Here are some pictures of my sweet little sandy crack baby enjoying the love of the sand.

Oh PS. I am now 15 weeks, and I promise I will be doing a post about my pregnancy tomorrow.  Stay tuned to hear all about bundle.