Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Time for a Guessing Game

Hey Hey Hey bloggy friends. So as you know we find out this week what bundle will be, and I have to tell you that hubby and I are exstatic!! We can not wait to find out.  We spent this past weeked nailing down on baby names, because we want to incorporate the names into our gender reveal decorations. 

Now for the fun part......GUESS THE NAMES (don't guess if you are some of my bestest friends who already know the names :)).   I wanna see what names bloggy friends come up with before the big reveal, and it is all in good fun.  So I am asking begging anyone and everyone who reads my blog to play along.  I mean come on entertain an 18 week prego mama who is anxiously awaiting Wed.  Results will be revealed tomorrow, so make your guess today!!

Boy name : begins with a P

Girl name: begins with a M

Guess away.  I am anxiously awaiting your guesses, and I will be sure to post the most common/my favorite/the real names we have picked tom!


The Lutz Family said...

My guess for the boy name is Parker! M is way to common for Madyson, Mckenna, Mackenzie... i'm not even going to guess. I know this might make you freaked out since i'm just a blog reader, but I had a dream you had another boy anyhow so I won't bother with the girl name :)I can't wait to find out!!!

The Dimino's said...

My guess for the boy name is Peyton and for the girl name I am guessing Madison. I am hoping that I am having a girl too!! I am dying for all things girly!! I don't find out for another 4 weeks though because my Dr. won't do it until 20-21 weeks!!

Beth said...


Amelia said...

ooo i wanna guess dangit

KatieJones said...

I cant wait to find out if Caleb is going to have a baby sister or baby brother!
My guesses are Parker and Maggie :)

Catherine said...

I'm going with Meredith and Preston. :)

Julie S. said...

My guesses are Pierson and Madison.

Ashley said...

P- Parker
M- McKenzie

Can't wait to find out! :)

Krista said...

P- Parker (Thats my baby's name)

M- Madilyn

Abby said...

How fun! I guess Porter and Mallory :)