Monday, September 20, 2010

Are you Ready?

Thanks for all who participated in guessing bundles name!! Hubby and I had so much fun checking back last night to see if there were any new guesses.  I am sure if I would let you all wait in anticipation until tonight I would get a lot of Monday Night Bloggy Catchup guesses, but I can't stand to wait anymore....

R u ready....???

Well, first I have to tell you the names that were most popular in the guessing game.  They are...

  1. Parker
  2. Preston
  1. Madyson
  2. Madeline
All were cute, but the only one who got it right was my friend Chelsea.  She knew my girl name but she sent me a text with the correct boy name....

R u ready yet...I mean I know you are just bouncing in your seat in anticipation....

Here they are :)

Boy:  Paxton David (hi daddy :))

Girl: Mckinlee Brooklyn

You like?? :).  I have to admit that we have had Mckinlee picked out for years, but Paxton came out of nowhere.  I knew a Paxton from my hometown, but I had fogotten about the name.  Hubby and  I were looking through baby names the other day and it just jumped out at us.  We wrote our favorite name on the back of an envelope and on the count of 3 revealed it to eachother. Paxton David was the winner!! I LOVE IT!! I really want a girl, but I would love love love to have a chance to use our baby boys name.  :)  

Oh, Caleb loves the names to...I mean he is basically dancing for joy! (this is his sexy dance)



Amelia said...

Love the names! I can't wait to find out if it's going to be Mckinlee or Paxton!!

sarahmarie0730 said...

Both are super cute!!!

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