Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Prayers for a dear Friend

This is my friend Nickey

I worked with her through college, and I just love her to pieces.  We have seen eachother through the loss of a great friend in the past, and had some woderful times together as well.  This week my heart breaks for my sweet friend.  She and Stephen lost their baby girl Bella at 39 weeks gestation this past week.  I can not even begin to go there in my mind, and even start to understand what they are feeling.  My heart is literally breaking for them.  I am unsure of the exact details to what caused sweet Bella's passing, but I just want to hold my sweet friend and let her know that I am praying.  I ask that you will also join me in prayer.  We as mothers understand the love that you already have for your baby at 39 weeks, and the awful pain that would be associated with losing them.  Pray Pray Pray for this sweet couple as they enter into the days ahead. 


Little BGCG said...

Im so so sorry to here this. I can't even imagine, I will be praying for her!

Jayme said...

She's in my thoughts. I've lost three babies- and it sucks. I have some fabulous resources if you are interested, to pass on to her perhaps when she's ready.