Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I Have Been Waiting My Entire Life

To Beat Mario, and tonight WE DID IT!!! My hubby and I have been playing Super Mario for Wii nightly for about a month now, and tonight we defeated Bowser!!! It was so exciting! Just as exciting as I always knew it would be!! It is so great that technology has advanced enough to actually be able to SAVE your Mario game.  Remember how frustrating it used to be when you would see the words Game Over, and then you would be moved back to world 1?  I am just so excited!! The Princess and Mario rode off into the sunset in a hot air ballon at the end of the game, and a secret world was opened up!! So fun.  

It was so great to actually get to spend time with hubby tonight.  He has been working so hard and long lately, and I really feel as though we only saw him for a total of maybe 10 hours this past week.  I miss him when he is gone.  He surprised me and came home early tonight.  I cooked a new dinner, and we playing Mario, Monopoly Deal and played with little man! Caleb just loves his daddy so much.  Now we are watching the UK game!! It has been a wonderful day.

Caleb is learning how to scoot towards toys now on his belly. He is really starting to enjoy belly time, and I feel as though all of my latest pictures are of him playing on his belly! He is just growing up so quick. Before I know it he will be crawling!!

Sydney and Bella were very excited to see Daddy as well!


Abby said...

Yay! Good for y'all! Can't beat couple time involving Mario! I remember when my sisters and I beat Super Mario 3 on the original console and it was a BIG DEAL :)

prashant said...

! Your tiny one is adorable!

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Katie Mentzel said...

that's awesome! I am on world 7 i think? but to be honest these days luigi beats most of the levels for me! haha It's so addicting!