Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Tuesday Ten: Pet Peeves

Brit has started a new bloggy game that seems fun.  Basically a list of ten's every Tuesday for us bloggers to fill in. This week is pet peeves.  I have been sitting and asking myself if I even have ten pet peeves.  I am not sure if I do but I will give it a shot. It will be fun to see what comes to mind.

1.  Top pet peeve of All time!!!! When someone says "I have an itch I need to itch."  What?? You're going to itch your itch.  Seriously?? Does that even make since? "I have an itch that I need to scratch" would be the better way to say it. And yes, you can "scratch a scratch because it itches". 

2. I am serving a table at work, I go back to them and politely ask "can I get you anything else right now?", or "Would you like a refill", or "Is everything tasting okay"?, and they say NOTHING, they just look at me like I have 5 heads or something.  I mean seriously you can say "Yes everything is fine, or no I am okay with my drink, or the food is great".  I mean a simple head knod would work, but ignoring makes us servers feel ridiculous. 

3.  When someone talks politics or religion while drinking with someone who does not agree with their views . Always a bad idea. It always turns into a fight, and just makes you feel as though you could cut the tension in the air with a knife. Bad Bad Bad idea.

4. I am from EKY, and I have family who say this, and I give them a hard time but the word is "Wash" not "Warsh".  You do not "warsh your clothes" you "wash your clothes".

5.  When people touch my knee.  I have a knee phobia, I mean I am completely and totally freaked out that it will pop out of place or that something will happen to them.  I will not let anyone touch my knee, and I hate when people mess with their knee just to tease me. It is gross, it makes me nervous, leave your knee alone. Oh, and do not tell me the story of how you hurt your knee back in high school yada yada yada. Not interested.  (I know it is a weird phobia).

6. People who chug their drinks at a table. I understand that you can be thirsty, but seriously when a waitress has to refill a drink 8-10 times in the course of an hour dinner you may need to slow down.  Take a break and talk to someone for a minute or so. 

7. When I can not think of anything to blog about in a day. I like to blog every day if I can, but sometimes there is just nothing to exciting to blog about. Makes me sad :(

8. Listening to my voicemails. I do not know why, but I really hate to listen to them. I would rather just call you back and see what you wanted. 

9. Waiting in line to check out in my hometowns Wal-Mart (Brit I know you know what I am talking about). They do not have self checkout, and when I just need to buy a pack of diapers, and I have to wait 30 minutes to get out the door it drives me crazy.

10.  I hate when my hubby pulls up to a store and parks far away from the entrance when there are plenty of close parking spots. I mean it is probably good for my baby making belly to get a little extra exercise, but I just don't like walking a mile just to enter a store. I always tease him about this.

Well, I thought of 10 random pet peeves.  I am proud of myself.  Just because he is so cute, here is a picture of someone who will never be a pet peeve...


Brit said...

hahaha I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Oh the ol' pville wally world! THanks for playing. These were funny!

P.S. I lOVE the new pics of the little man! Please let's get together soon when you are going to be in LEx. I would love to meet Blair's little man too if you all all get together!

Sarah said...

I will for sure let you know when we are going to be in town again. Blair and I always meet up, so I am sure we can all three get together with no problem.

Meant to be a mom said...

So funny, I especially got a kick out of the knee phobia. But I understand what you mean about the parking far away from the store, Drives me insane.

Lindsay said...

I hate voicemail too! I hate leaving them almost as much as listening to them! haha Our Walmart doesn't have self-checkout either and I really wish we did!

CGBG said...

I completely agree with number 2! I also hate when someone asks for a refill and you say "does anyone need anything else?" and they say no you go get the refill (or whatever they needed) and when you come back to the table they've thought of something else they need. UGH!