Thursday, January 7, 2010

Never I repeat NEVER

Feed a baby an entire jar of PRUNES

This little man...

yea the cute one playing with the stackables has a story to tell you.  One in which made his momma both laugh/cry/freak out thinking he was dying.  Anyway...

On the sixth day of January in the year of 2010, Caleb awoke to a very normal day. One in which he would cuddle with his momma, play, get his diaper changed, oh and of course eat.  I mean Caleb's favorite past time is eating.  Little did he know that his momma had a new idea for his menu that day. 

At lunch time Caleb was placed in his highchair, and his momma began to feed him a new fruit he had never tried before.  She said it was called Prunes.  Caleb loved loved loved them, and he went on to eat the entire jar.  His momma did not think much of it. I mean she knew that it would help you become regular, but she had no idea HOW REGULAR

Doo Doo went on and then it happened.  A sound came out of Caleb's tushie like none other, and before his momma knew it, there was poop covering the leg of his sleeper. She changed him, cleaned him up, and they went on about their day.  Then as Caleb was jumping in the jumparoo a poo poo happened again.  It again leaked out onto his leg. His momma was for sure he was done pooing, but no the poo phantom would hit once again and he hit BIG.

We are talking poop out the sides, out the top, on his back, up to his neck, on his elbow?, and all over his legs.  What a mess. A mess like his momma had never seen.  His momma began to freak out thinkin he had caught her stomach bug, but the gram and the meemaw assured them it was the PRUNES.  Therefore, after 5 clothing changes, and poo stained outfits his momma has sworn off prunes for the future unless he is really really backed up.

As if the Prune occurance was not enough yesterday, Caleb's momma once again had to face the dreaded poo first thing this morning. Not on Caleb's tushie, but instead all over the nursery floor. Yes, you heard me. Sydney (or Sis) apparantely could not resist the amazing prunish smell of the diapers, and decided it would be fun to eat them. Therefore, Caleb't momma had to pick up dirty diapers, vaccum, and clean poo off the carpets as soon as she awoke this morning. Sydney also destroyed the beloved formula dispenser. Oh my it has been an eventful last two days in this household. To think it all began with a jar of prunes.

Here is a pic of the diaper destroyer. Looking timid because she knew I was mad.

All in all she probably helped

The broken dispenser


Abby said...

I can't help but laugh, Sarah! Esp since the EXACT same thing happened to us around this time last year! I, too, vowed to NEVER feed my child prunes ever again after an equally "explosive" experience! In fact, the remaining jars of prunes remained in Becks' cabinet until recently when I cleaned everything out. Ha!

Sarah said...

at least I know I am not the only one :). It was epic!

Meant to be a mom said...

Oh my goodness. That is one epic poopoo!
Those prunes are laxatives basically aren't they? Yikes. I will keep a note of this and make sure it doesn't happen to me. Poor baby must have felt like a little poopin machine.

E. Williamson said...

Seriously, that's the funniest thing I have hear in a long time. Personally, I am just thankful that it wasn't in this household. haha