Friday, January 22, 2010

Who Won the Contest?

The Chunky Monkey Contest That Is

Caleb has finally outgrown his friend Ashton who is one month younger than him.  Remember this picture?

Caleb was one month and Ashton was 5 days.  Ashton was bigger even then.

Since that time they have always been neck and neck with size, but Ashton has always been a wee bit larger.  However, Ashton has thinned out and shot up, and little man is the new Chunky monkey on the block. 

They were so cute playing together.  One would cry the other would cry.

 They would look at each other.Caleb tried to eat Ashton's hand, and Ashton (who is already rolling all over the place, and who I swear will be crawling by next month) kept rolling ontop of him.  Soo funny. 

On a side note, Caleb ROLLED OVER TONIGHT!! From his back to his belly that is.  Daddy and I were moving all around him, making funny noises, and trying to get him to roll, and finally he did it!! Big boy!! Daddy was proud!

He also held his bottle through an entire feeding!

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The Browns said...

I'm so glad you found my blog! Caleb is a doll! I can't believe my baby is already a month. Boy, how time flies? I can't wait until he can hold his own bottle, haha!

Bon :)