Monday, January 4, 2010


5 Months that is.  Today my little Duckie turned five months. Wow! This has been the best five months of my life, and it is flying by! However, with each passing month Caleb is becoming more and more fun.  Though I hate to see my little baby get big so fast, it is so cute to see his little personality come alive. Each month becomes more and more exciting, and I love seeing my little man reach new milestones. 

(Because I was sick this last weekend I forgot to buy New Years props for this months photo shoot. Instead, I put Caleb in his New years Eve outfit because I did not get to many pics of him in it. The monkey has a shirt on that says "VIP in this crib, and a hard bottom doo rag my daddy bought :)" )

Caleb at 5 months you are:

  • Sleeping: You are still sleeping through the night. However, this month has been a little more challenging.  You started waking up from the 45 minute intruder during your day time naps, and you were waking up a lot at night at the beginning of the month. In fact I had to feed you in the middle of the night for the first time since you were 7 weeks this month. I consulted Baby Wise and figured out how to fix it.  We switched you back to a 3 hour eating schedule, and that has done the trick.  You are now sleeping again, but you have been fussing at least 3 times a night lately because your binky fell out.  You let out a painful sounding cry in your sleep, and as soon as I replace the binky you are okay. Sometimes you keep momma running back and forth though. I have not figured out how to fix this yet, but I think it may be because you are starting to teeth and the binky just feels good to your gums.  You usually wake up around 9:30-10 and go to bed around 11.  You have scheduled your own naps now. You usually take a 1 1/2 hour nap around 11 am, and then another one around 2:30.  The 2:30 nap lasts up to 3 hours sometimes. You then take a late afternoon nap somewhere around 6-6:30.

  • Size: I am not sure how much you weigh. I am guessing 17-18 lbs.  However, I do know that you have gotten a lot longer. At your four month appointment you were 25 1/2 inches.  Since then you have out grown your 3 month clothes because you are to long, and when I hold you, you take up my entire torso, and move onto about mid thigh. You are so big my little chunky monkey. We always grab your little thighs and say "pork chop legs".  You have little fat roles that just make me want to eat you up. So cute.  You are wearing anywhere from 3-6 to 6-9 month clothes.  I officially packed away all of your 3 month clothes the other day :(.  You are turning into a big man!

  • Eating: Oh Duckie, this month has been so FUN in terms of eating.  After getting the okay from your doctor we started you on stage one baby foods.  You LOVE them. So far you have had sweet taters, squash, carrots, green beans, peas, applesauce, bananas, and peaches.  We started you with sweet taters and did all the orange veggies first. We then moved to green veggies, and now we are doing fruit.  We started out waiting four days in between each food in order to make sure you did not have an allergy. However, if nothing had occured after 3 days we would usually allow you to try something else. You generally eat a jar of baby food along with 4 ounces of formula for lunch.  You sometimes take another jar for dinner, but sometimes you just want your bottle. We just go with whatever you prefer that day.

  • Exciting New Things:
    • You can now sit unassisted! You generally will sit for about a minute without falling over, but we are getting there. You always lean forward and hold yourself up with your arms.
    • You have almost learned to hold your own bottle with both hands. We have been practicing daily, and you are almost there.
    • You love your new Boppy pillow. Mommy gave in and bought one, and you love to lay on your tummy on it.
    • You have such a personality now.  4 months has brought out the best and worst in you.  You will smile one minute, and then start pouting the next.  You let us know what you want.
    • You know your mommy and daddy now, and sometimes cry if we are not around.
    • You have really started to recognize Bella and Sissy. You will just watch them and smile.
    • You have discovered your VOICE my little man.  Oh you are so funny! You will just squeal and squeal and squeal. Sometimes it is ear piercing but so cute.
    • You still LOVE your hands in your mouth. In fact you love to put everything in your mouth now.
    • You have started teething I am pretty sure. You are showing all the signs, and I saw a hint of a toother.  However, no tooth is up yet.
    • You talk all the time. I love it.
    • You will no longer allow me to hold you like a little baby :(.  You have to be held forward facing or on my hip.  You are a complete hip baby now.
    • You have moved up to size 6 month MAM binkys.  You are still obsessed.
    • You love your jumparoo. I believe you actually understand the words "bouncy bouncy" now. Anytime I say it to you, you will bounce.
    • You have started sitting in your highchair, and you love it.  You will sit there for the longest time and play with toys.
    • You still love to cuddle. I hope this never changes.
    • You have started to fight your sleep before naps.  Sometimes it is a task to get you to sleep.  I have to rock you, face you forward, and allow you to play with my hand to put you to sleep. However, sometimes you just fall asleep so easy.  It all depends on your mood.
    • You had your first professional photos and you did so good!
    • you belly laugh now, and it is the cutest thing ever. You still get the hiccups a lot when you laugh though.  Thank goodness for Gripe Water.
    • You are so ticklish now.  Your belly, your legs, ribs and collarbone. They all make you belly laugh.
    • You love to stand on your legs now.  You are Soooo Big.
    • You have become so fun. This past month has been so interesting to watch you grow. 

"mom I'm done with this monkey :)"

I love you my little Duckie.  I am so lucky to have you!!

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Meant to be a mom said...

What a cutie, He's getting so big. Even for me a reader, its amazing how fast he's growing. I'm glad he's doing so good. I just love to read all the milestones and things he is doing.