Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Little Model

We made it to pictures yesterday.  I thought I was better, but the belly bug hit me again last night. I think it is because I ate a full meal when I probably should have just snacked.  All in all I felt like a rude little lady because we had friends over, and I had to excuse myself back to my bedroom before they even left. I did not want to make anybody sick. I am feeling better today after a few sick moments last night. Hopefully I am really better now.

Caleb did so well in his pictures yesterday. It was so hard to pick our favorites. Lucky for us we were able to purchase the CD as well.  Enjoy.

Our Family Picture. Caleb was just to cute in it!

We purchased this one! He looks so grown up.

Caleb's drama faces.  One minute he would laugh

The next minute he would fake cry.  Such a little actor.

Love his eyes in this one


Kimberly said...

Your son is adorable! looks like a big boy in the pictures.


KatieJones said...

OMG look at him sittin up! The last one is my favorite. Hope you feel better soon!

Cornwayites said...

The pictures are precious!