Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So About This Thing...

This growing up thing that is. 

I was thinking that maybe you should slow down.  I mean there was this sweat shirt that your daddy and I bought way back before we knew if you were even a boy or a girl.  I mean you were so little at that point, and I was convinced that you would stay tiny for a very long time.  Anway, about this shirt.  We bought it, and I remember thinking you would be at least a year old before it fit you.  Even though the tag said 6 months, I was convinced that no 6 month old baby could fill it up.  Well about that you wore it, and it fit you.  You are growing way to fast. 

Also, today you did not ride in your infant seat in the cart at the store. I bought a cart seat cover, and placed you in it like a big boy.  You loved riding up so high, and you would smile at everyone and flirt.  I liked it because it was easy to give you kisses.  Aww sweet one you are hitting so many milestones, and looking more and more like a little man every day.

Just on a side note let me say I love couponing.  I started this week, and I was able to save 2 dollars on a bottle of hairspray, 1.50 on wipes, and 55 cents on stain remover!!! Woo hoo!

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E. Williamson said...

So I'm not sure if you will ever go back far enough to read this comment, but I totally had to put Kyah in the Store Cart today and he loved it! Wish I would have tried it sooner! Now I just need one of those covers. I thought I have WAY more time before I needed to get one . Guess not :(